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[Fixed] Signatures

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  • [Fixed] Signatures

    Use the image attachment to upload your fancy signatures.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	signature.jpg
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Size:	39.4 KB
ID:	13273

    Also, please keep in mind the following:
    • Signature image size should not exceed 500 x 150 pixels
    • You should only have 1 image in your signature
    • Keep your font-size at 12 or below
    • Try not to put too much text on it. Maximum number of characters in your signature is 200 and should not exceed 3 lines.
    • Maximum file size for a signature is 150kb
    • Gifs are fine too.
    Signatures that exceed 500x150px will be sent infractions accordingly.
    Last edited by Heatcliff; 02-04-2015, 01:25 AM.

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    I dont even see how to get to my signautre. I tried looking everywhere like I used to I know mine is like stil really big. @_@. To be honest I dont even see it....or anyone elses for that matter LOL. HOW DO WE GET TO ITTTT.


    • Random
      Random commented
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      i wouldnt have even thought about looking there. i kept overlooking it i guess LOL thanksss

    • Hyuk
      Hyuk commented
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      LOL, no problem ^___^

    • Ouija
      Ouija commented
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      Just came across this and noticed how badass your sig is.
      How do you do links like that ?

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    So For me, nothing is with signature...


    • Heatcliff
      Heatcliff commented
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      Hi, you have to enable signatures in your profile to see other people's signature.

      My profile > Edit settings > Account > Show Signatures

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    Issue fixed and updated.


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      omfg gif sigs are allowed? just realized.
      Affogato / Fakku / Level 23 / Active


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        Originally posted by Caffeine View Post
        omfg gif sigs are allowed? just realized.
        They are. Although it's quite challenging to get a decent animated gif at 150kb so it might be better linking them off from somewhere.
        I'd increase the size limit but I might get glared at by the higher ups for consuming too much server space and bandwidth.


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          So i cant for the life of me see the "edit post signature" its not there. halp?
          edit 1:WHAT THE CRAP THERES A SIGNATURE THERE BUT I didnt put it there.mind****.
          edit 2: AND now its gone. o___________o
          Last edited by Nina; 04-01-2015, 06:33 AM.


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            @above, same for mine. like sometimes i can see my siggy in some threads, & then on others it would say "sigpic"
            Sus Tane


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              It may be better linking them off from somewhere.
              Last edited by jg1gfds; 11-29-2015, 02:14 AM.


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                Basically i'm just uploading a pic. I don't have a "Edit post signature" option available heellp!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	darkhazel_zpsimkcullz.png
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Size:	146.0 KB
ID:	17618

                ~Change is inevitable~


                • Grandmaster
                  Grandmaster commented
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                  darkhazel in order to edit your signature, you need to have 25 posts or more. you can spam in the necromancy thread.
                  Last edited by Grandmaster; 05-10-2016, 07:47 PM.

                • darkhazel
                  darkhazel commented
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                  Oh! Thankyou! ^^