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    Please make sure to read everything thoroughly! This event was inspired by previous FAM Games events.
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    FAM Name:
    FAM Leader:
    [In-Game Players] (Minimum of 6 (six); optional four (4) additional substitutes)

    [Forums Objectives] (No minimum; maximum of three (3) participants)
    (FAM Thread)
    (FAM Photo Graphic)
    Sign up and fee deadline: 2.27.2018 ~ 3.9.2018 @ 11:59 PM EST.

    Points will be distributed based on each FAM's placement in every round on an overall scale.

    1st - 6 points
    2nd - 5 points
    3rd - 4 points
    4th - 3 points
    5th - 2 points
    6th - 1 point
    7th and below - 0 points

    • Sign up roster is only posted by FAM Leader on this thread. No edits are allowed.
    • A FAM has valid entry only after posting the roster and clearing all necessary fees.
    • Users who purchase an entry ticket (fee) but are not listed in a roster are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REWARDS.
    • You can be listed in only one (1) FAM's roster. Users must be registered to the FAM as shown on the roster after registration period ends and before every round starts.
    • NO ACCOUNT SHARING ALLOWED. If you are found guilty, your entire team will be disqualified.
    • All six (6) main in-game competitors must participate in at least one (1) round in-game.
    • Prior to each round, the designated competitor must check in with the hosting GM or CA to receive the assigned room password.
    • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED (other than CAs and/or GMs).
    • All scores are final; disconnection issues will not be considered.
    • If a player is found guilty of utilizing hacks, his/her FAM will not receive points for that round.
    • All relevant players must record a liveplay for every round with an efficient screen recording software (e.g. Bandicam).
    • Higher ups have decided that all liveplays will now be sent to Redbana Support to protect sensitive information rather than being posted on the forums.
      This change was made to ensure participant security. Also, to have a more genuine liveplay, showing the processes in your Task Manager before opening up the patcher , logging in and going into the designated room to play the game are required. You can also feel free to cover up your login information (it'd be advised to do so). You'll still need to upload the file to wetransfer and submit the link in a Support Ticket with your IGN and FAM name. The limit to submit is 60 minutes after the round. If you have an issue recording because you're playing in fullscreen, please just switch to windowed mode for your round.
    • Liveplay must include: in-game frame rate and entire Task Manager processes list.
    • Please follow the step-by-step tutorial in the order that CA Daisy has shown:
    • Failure to successfully upload and post the liveplay recording within the allotted time and with complete accuracy will result in zero points for that round.
    • We highly recommend troubleshooting these methods before the event begins.

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    • SunnyDoll
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      GREAT WOKR!!!! I like it a lot. I can see that you have put much effort in creating this all
      Looks very good. Mechanics and liveplay reference on point

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      Looking forward to seeing all the FAMs join! Who's ready to battle?!


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        Guess there's no option for a one-man fam

        Shuuichi | 49 | ZeroNo
        quynh is bae


        • Myu
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        Three Things -

        1. Consider having normal modes require External tools to record as well, with the in game fps overlay.

        2. Are we going to have some kind of Level restriction to prohibit random players from other servers w/ no experience in Redbana?

        3. So you're going to disqualify a FAM for account sharing but not when one of their players are hacking? What's the rationale here?
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        4 bffeafepp


        • Reproductive
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          Does the FPS overlay even matter? Yeah sure some of us have unlocked FPS like if you use a 144 hz monitor, or just unlock through Nvidia Control Panel.

        • Vincent
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          Axel if thats you PM me.

        • Jennyfur.
          Jennyfur. commented
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          LMA O

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        Naisu wahoo
        It's Veecious ****
        and I like pineapples


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          Hmmmm... I AM CONSIDERING..........

          1. Is it possible for me to pay for everyone's fees?
          2. Is it possible for you guys to change the time. 5PM EST is 2PM PST... and a lot of us are students who have class during that time.
          3. What exactly do you mean by you need the fees for the customized rewards? Does that mean we get to choose something..? I'm just wanting to know before I throw my money at something...
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          Sora 61 Daren Ivar + Timothy
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          • Jennyfur.
            Jennyfur. commented
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            Random hey Shae how long does it take for someone to receive BC that was gifted from the Webshop?

          • Random
            Random commented
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            Banacash will be received within 24 hours after gifting it. Take note that Banacash sent during the weekends will be arriving either on Sunday or Monday. PM me or CA Myu if you get any errors , etc. ^^v . Thanks.

          • Jennyfur.
            Jennyfur. commented
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            thanks I'll definitely let Myu or you know if I don't receive it within 24 hours

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          Does everyone in the winning fam get the rewards? or only the people that participated?
          Arm Leg


          • Myu
            Myu commented
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            so far, it's confirmed that the participants will receive the custom fam set. we'll have to wait for more valid sign ups

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          updated mechanics and liveplay submissions sections!

          CA Daisy made a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly record a liveplay:

          ign: Pervert


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          • CA's are allowed to participate. It'll be impartial and the same rules will apply to them.
          • You do not need to purchase a ticket prior to filling out a roster on the forums.
          • Purchase a ticket when you are certain that you will participate, even if it is on the last day of registration.
          • You can change your team, but the forum post must not be shown as "Edited". If you need to make changes , please repost your roster or if you need to, wait until the last day of registration to post your final draft of the roster if changes are happening often on your team.
          • Users can change their teams during registration but the registration will be finalized once the event starts.
          • You can click on the peach to pull up the thread.
          • FAM Masters, purchase the FAM ENTRY ticket, Co-Leaders and FAM Members purchase the FAM Member Entry Ticket.
          • You can gift BANA CASH via webshop if a user needs BANACASH.
          • You will not be able to purchase multiple tickets on one account.
          • FAM Masters only need to purchase the FAM ENTRY ticket once. After that they are free to participate, FAM Members must purchase FAM Member Entry Ticket.
          • The FEE PAYMENT STATUS sheet will tell you if you are missing anything from the steps above. Please refer to it if you are unsure of why you aren't fully registered yet. Examples are also there as well. The sheet is updated manually so changes are made within a few hours.
          IN-GAME Team - Rounds
          • Points are based on an overall scale.
          • Not only will you be against the people in your room , but everyone participating in the mode that day.
          • The FAM only gets 1 time to play the specified round/mode.
          • Round 8 , The FAM BATTLE requires 3 people to play.
          • Round 8 requires 3 people to turn in live plays
          • Round 8 points are based on the team's total score in that round
          • Round 9 points are based on the mechanics of Perfect Champion.
            You must reign against the current champion displayed on the card. Be aware there are multiple rounds to overthrow the champion. The champion displayed on the card on the results board will receive 1st place points Places 2nd -6th will be based upon highest combo - lowest combo . If combos are tied, the highest score will determine the placement.

            BASED ON THE 9 FAMS FOR FAM GAMES 2018 :
          • Round 8: CC4 FAM Battle
            Each of the nine (9) FAMs will be playing against a "dummy" FAM (<FAMGAMES>) that will be standing for the entire round. We decided that this would be the most efficient method to maintain the current scoring system.

            Please check back on Saturday (3/17) to see room arrangements.

            Round 9: Perfect Champion ("Ace Battle")
            The "Ace" from the previous round of FAM Battle can choose any FAM member to play this round (including self).
          • Same requirements apply to Substitutes to participate and to be eligible for rewards shown above + penalties.
          • Substitutes are optional.
          • Substitutes can be necessary for those that have 2 people that are strong in 1 mode. If one original team member isn't able to make it, the substitute can sub-in for that round.
          • Substitutes can be reused if necessary, but 6 different people still need to participate in 1 mode all together.
          • Substitutes are responsible for recording a liveplay of the match if subbed in.
          Live Plays
          • Same mechanics apply to Live Plays as shown above + penalties
          • Liveplays must be done by a screen recording software (PC) only because you need to display your frame rate and Task Manager processes clearly.
          • To sucessfully record a liveplay for this event you will need to :
            Start your screen recorder
            Show all processes in task manager
            Launch the Audition.exe file
            Log in and make sure FRAME RATE is being captured via screen recorder or Audition (CTRL+F)
            Play !
            Show all processes in task manager after the game.
          • If your screen recorder does not display FPS , press SHIFT+CTRL+F to display them .
          • If lagging is an issue for you, try turning off your stage.
          • If you have doubts, follow CA : Daibetes (Daisy) video exactly and you will be fine
          • You must submit your liveplays in a support ticket with your IGN and FAM NAME for futher review.

            FORUMS Team Members
          • Same requirements apply to Forum Team to participate and to be eligible for rewards shown above.
          • Same mechanics apply to Forum Team shown in the respective thread.
          • FORUM Team members can be either IN-GAME team members , Sub-Ins , or additional FAM members that have cleared necessary fees and are on the roster.
          • Objective 2 can have other FAM members's screenshots that are not registered into the event, however, those unregistered members are not eligible for prizes shown above since no fees have been cleared and they are not listed on the roster.
          Forum team points are added to IN-GAME team points for the FAMs final score. Participating in forums is just as important as in-game!

          2/26/18 Times and Dates have now been changed. Please refer to the newest update.

          Updated 3/5/18 Times and Dates

          Rounds will take place every Saturday and Sunday as shown.
          3/10/18 6:00 PM EST - CC4
          3/10/18 7:00 PM EST - Item Slot - 4k

          3/11/18 6:00 PM EST - Guitar
          3/11/18 7:00 PM EST - Beat Rush - Normal 4k

          3/17/18 6:00 PM EST - 1,2 Party
          3/17/18 7:00 PM EST - Beat Up - 6k

          3/18/18 6:00 PM EST - CC8
          3/18/18 7:00 PM EST - FAM Battle - CC4
          3/18/18 7:15 PM EST - Perfect Champion - 4K , following up right after FAM BATTLE

          3/24/18 11:59:59 PM EST - Forum Objectives Due

          3/25/18 - 3/26/18 - Winners will be announced.
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            Just leaving a slightly refined image of our baby Cheeky Peachy bumbum so y'all would know how she would look like.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	1111.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	26.6 KB
ID:	20326

            Everyone who purchases FAM Member Ticket and is included in the FAM Games roster will get this baby permanently.
            Will post updated images of dis lil qt bubba. So cute. Wanna punch.
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            • HeadLights
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              u p d a t e d : )

            • Myu
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              omg............................................... ...

            • Jennyfur.
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              10/10 would punch

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            Is 5PM EST = GTM -5 ???
            I am really confused o__o


            • HeadLights
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              Yes it is GMT -5!

            • SunnyDoll
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              thank you

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            (because I’m blind and can’t read)
            Can a member participate in both the in-game portion and forum portion?
            ...........- N e a ; 71 Genuine


            • Random
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              Yep! Substitutes can do the forum portion as well vice versa

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            Hey ya'll just notifying again , you can change your teams as you wish before the registration period ends. If for any reason you already posted the roster, post up a new one. Myu and I will keep track of it.

            The roster just can't be edited in the post to where it states
            Example :

            If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!