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[CA Event] Valentine's Day Couple Appreciation

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  • [CA Event] Valentine's Day Couple Appreciation

    Submit artwork or creative writing about you and your couple! :) This is open to all players who have a couple.

    • Writing and drawings should be Audition related. For example, tell a story about your couple, or share what you like to do together, or recall how you met in game. <3
    • Post entries as replies in this thread. Edits are allowed up to the deadline, but you may not change anything after that.
    • Include a recent screenshot (use the /time command) of your couple license, or if you are not married yet, take a screenshot of your user info window instead.
    Event Period:

    February 14th-28th

    • Winners will be randomly chosen from the valid submitted entries. (10)
    • You may submit in both categories (writing/drawing) for two entries, but you will not win more than once.
    • Each half of the couple is able to submit separate entries.
    • No plagiarism will be tolerated.
    • Not Married: 1 Wedding Ticket
    • Couples with <78,760 points: 1 Love Party Ticket
    • Couples with MAX Couple level: 5,000 Couple Points
    • Tag your couple in your post if you want to!!
    • You do not need to spend hours on creating masterpieces, just be thoughtful~

    Feel free to make your entries sappy.
    Whatever makes your couple happy. :D

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day, everyone!


    Thank you for sharing all your lovely entries <3

    Congrats to our randomly chosen winners!

    Roughly (new IGN)

    And if you didn't win, some participation rewards were also sent out. :)
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    Leebyn Greentlover
    FB | Twitch | Tournament log | PM me about anything ^^

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    Can't wait to see all the entries ! Happy Valentines Day everyone !

    IGN : Badass

    Couple License :

    Drawing : Will insert later


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      Happy Valentine Day's!

      IGN : CpsptnXLv
      Couple License :Name:  image_20248.jpg
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Size:  305.1 KB
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        IGN: Arm

        why i love judy le? (aka leg)
        because she is my favourite audition online dance battle couple
        because she was there for me at my lowest point (aka losing to arielle =( ..)
        and simply, because she makes me happy and has always been there for me.
        thanks for always believing in me when I did not even believe in myself.
        thanks for sticking beside me even when I'm being moody for no reason,
        I will always cherish you and be grateful for you my darling
        Happy Valentine's Day, my favorite body part

        Couple License:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_14_1.56.5.jpg
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Size:	173.3 KB
ID:	20251

        Click image for larger version

Name:	28001323_10215537621933601_2025675443_n.png
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Size:	226.5 KB
ID:	20252

        ....LOL get it?? because of our igns 8D... hehe ♥
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        Arm Leg


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          ❤️❤️❤️ thx

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          nice one

        • HeadLights
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          i just saw this now that drawing is f00kin cute

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        IGN: Alphard

        Why do I appreciate Wayo?

        Well the license I have is a bit complex, but the ring to me is a symbol of a new beginning after a really terrible break up I had. When I was at my absolute lowest and was about to take a hiatus on being a CA and Audition in general. Wayo extended his help and was always there for me through thick and thin. Eventually I summoned the courage to reinstall the game and started to use Audition as a platform to vent and talk about my life with him as he shared with me. He's the kindest most caring human being I've ever met and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend like him. Because it started with him and many others that I started to get out of my shell and learn to love and finds fulfillment in life that branches more than some tacky romance story.

        The ring to me meant that I will start to move forward with my life and work on myself and be the better person than I was yesterday. It took a lot of pain and obstacles to get to this path. It was thanks to this ring that I started to develop a wonderful love and admiration to all my friends and family that were there for me on my lowest of the lows. So this ring was a start to it all to me. \( ' - ' )/ ...

        How did we meet?

        Funny story. As many people already know, I have a bad reputation with making very very blunt jokes that can be offensive to some people, or very humorous to others. So when I first met him, I made an earthquake in mexico joke which he took great offense in that. But eventually we got along great as we were in the same fam (Hora). We were always pretty tight so the ring didn't really do anything extra '__' );;...

        What do you like to do with your Audition Dance Battle Couple?

        Watch ****ty mecha animes that are clearly way ahead of it's time and play Audition/League whenever we have free time since we are both very busy worker bees. My personal favorite is hanging around on Audition and just chit-chatting.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_14_1.46.31.jpg
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Size:	181.2 KB
ID:	20256

        Heres a side screenshot of our outfits that took hours to make okay... LMAO:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_1_26_0.25.40.jpg
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Size:	51.8 KB
ID:	20254

        BONUS screenshot: This is me with the fam. Grateful for every one of them that were there for me when I was at my worst ...
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_1_27_15.40.42.jpg
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Size:	70.5 KB
ID:	20255

        __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________

        PS: Click Upload Attachments if you guys want to upload your screenshots or pictures. It'll be easier for you guys.
        LoL: Alphard l Neopets: Miyabiii
        I love Matt Turtle ♥


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          i teared up a bit , you are the best couple ever!!! ♥ OTL lez ride the mecha

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        It says creative writing sooo would poetry work or does it have to be a story of some sort?
        Pitter Patter


        • Ruby
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          Any work that shows appreciation to your couple is welcomed! If you feel like a poem is the best way to express your feelings about your couple then a poem will be perfect.

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_14_6.56.54.jpg
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ID:	20260

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ChibiCherMiloOctopi.png
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Size:	76.0 KB
ID:	20261

        A short simple story of CherBear and Milotic that started 2008, even though the longer story may be a lil more interesting, I will try to keep it sweet. He started a lil earlier than I did but it took about a year til we found each other by chance while I was hanging out with friends, from there - I didn't expect we would end up together, after all as far as I knew, we were just friends hanging out but I guess there's more there. From there I learned he's the creative writer while I continued to draw & that felt all too appropriate to take opposite sides of the creative spectrum. As time passed, interests / responsibilities changed, during that time we've always supported each other, pushed each other to be our best and managing to play a game together every now and then, we've played other games and watched anime or some odd reason...he likes watching me livestream and draw. Regardless, I've always been thankful and grateful we've managed to kept in touch all this time, he's infinitely patient when I can be unreasonable and much more; he's been my couple, cohort, partner in crime and best friend for nearly a decade...thinking back on that, I wouldn't go back in time to change a thing...but only look forward to how the story will continue on.

        ★ ign: CherBear | lvl: 5 | cpl: Milotic [Married♥] | team: Milotic · MamaBear | fam: BearFamily (co-lead) ★
        ★...The world spins on dreamers like you...★
        061608 · 100908 · 121508 ♥ 041709 · 042109
        ★ · Art Thread · ★


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          wow this is cute cher!!!!! wow @ ur cpl license too

          btw SunnyDoll looking forward to ur cpl appreciation post!!

        • Myu
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          i’m shook cpl #13

        • CherBear
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          SunnyDoll - Thank you. I agree w/ HeadLights; look forward to ur post and everyone elses.
          HeadLights - Thank you. Haha yah - unlucky #13
          Myu - Yea xD; I've met one other w/ a earlier #, ring and lic still intact. Crazy !

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        IGN : Mimba

        do I love my Nimba? aka my chobo boba. First off, Nimba is the cutest, and nicest guy I've ever met and of course he's my number one favorite person on audi. He treats me like a princess and spoiling me so much. He is the best couple anyone could ever asked for. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful, loving and caring couple like Nimba? Hue hue I am beyond bless. Everyday after a long day at work he would get on audi immediately just to spend some quality time with me. Especially when he spends hours at the shopping mall just to find us cutie/ matching clothes. He is always around to

        make me laugh, smile and most importantly he makes me feel loved. He could talk on the phone with me for hours and hours that he doesn't get tired of my high pitched voice and my weird laugh . Words can't describe how much I love and appreciated you my boba. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I am truly grateful for having you in my life. Everyday with you is Valentine's day and I love you my boba babe xoxo.

        Couple License:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_14_19.14.57.jpg
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Size:	176.6 KB
ID:	20262

        I wanted to post a cute drawing of us too but sadly I can't draw
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          Ign: Meerkat

          I had given up in the love department
          Forgotten how to feel love's slow descent
          Until I met a boy in a room
          I guess I had no right to assume
          That a boy so strange and yet so sweet
          Wouldn't make my heart skip a beat
          We laughed and danced until dawn
          When this cute Panda started to yawn
          It felt like forever until it was time
          He broke his ring as I broke mine
          I made a promise, he made a vow
          To love each other always as we did now
          A love so special and so true
          And it was all thanks to you
          Thank you Redbana
          For bringing me my Panda

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_15_19.26.23.jpg
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Size:	161.9 KB
ID:	20263

          tfw u can't draw meerkats....

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4266 (1).JPG
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Size:	57.1 KB
ID:	20279
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            hoooly smokes im crying that poem is so sweet

          • Meerkat
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            oops just saw this, thank you !!!

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          IGN: Greentlover

          Couple license:


          Dearest Leebyn,

          I remember or rather my screenshot reminded me that our paths first crossed on Christmas 2009.
          We didn't exchange much words but seeds were planted and our friendship blossomed in the middle of 2010. That was the beginning of our Forevers.
          Our first marriage was formed in 2011 and since then we coupled and maybe married a little more than I can count...*cough cough five? cough*
          Thank you for all your love, patience, and support throughout all these years. As time goes by, we have shifted from active players to avid gardeners. I'm grateful that we are still in contact and share the philotes.

          Forever love,




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            Ruby thanks! Your entry too ^^

          • Mono
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            All this is so adorable qtwai!!! I'm screaming internally at how qt everything is.

          • Greentlover
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            Hi qtbao!! Thank you!!

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          IGN: Tarolin

          Kind, Honest, Wonderful, Marvelous, Phenomenal


          You are truly one of the most amazing and genuine people I have ever met. Your optimism is a blessing. I still have no regret at all breaking my previous Max ring for you. Both of us deciding to break our rings for each other was a tough decision, but I knew we would be perfect together in the end. No way did I think I would find someone who was only one day younger than me and basically lived an identical life to me while being 1000 miles away. From being secretaries at our Key Club in high school, to taking all the AP classes we can to challenge ourselves academically, to both being on Prom Court Royalty (and you were even Homecoming Queen too!! You freakin go girl!!), and even applying to the same dream University. Just wow…I’m speechless. I’m glad to have someone to always crack an inside joke with while no one else understands the context. And honestly, I didn’t think I would find someone who would always smile and laugh so much that it reminds me of myself.

          I know you are going through such a tough time right now and just want some time to yourself. I understand. We all have those days. Take all the time you need. Know that I will always be here, ready to listen. Even if you’re feeling down, at the end of the day, I just want you to remember to love yourself just as much as I love you.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_15_2.40.15.jpg
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Size:	158.3 KB
ID:	20265


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            waW SO QTPAI

          • Tarolin
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            THANK YOU DAISY!!

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          IGN: Roughly

          Couple License:

          So how I met Joyce was out of random, I remember that time talking to her for the very first time and she sounded very nice and kind. I'm kinda glad that I've broke my last ring for her because she is the charm to my heart without her I wouldn't be much happier to have her in my life. I'm glad to have a person to play with and laugh with, she can be funny at some point . We may be miles away from each other, just to let you know that i'm always with her everyday cause basically i'm in her heart. We are so close to our max ring cant't wait , Love you long time Joyce.


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            IGN: Aleigator

            Around August 2012, I met my Sarah. She was four years younger than me, so I took it upon myself to want to be her friend with how cute and cuddly she acted. We were in a fam called CrisisCore together and we were inseparable. Back then I was playing on a girl character, but I vowed one day she would be my wife (not that she knew this.) When I had a rocky finish with my ex couple in 2015, I told Sarah that I'd never couple anyone else but her. She broke her ring and coupled me. By August the 12th 2015 we were married and our journey to max began.

            Honestly, Sarah is the sweetest and kindest person I've ever met, she's always happy to help and is always ready to cheer me up when I need it. Together we are an unstoppable force of friendship, she calms the darker and meaner parts of me and I teach her to not care about what other people think. I don't think it'll ever get old when she pops up with "I miss you" or "I need you", I don't think she realises I love her and miss her ten times as much. She is the ying to my yang and the beat to every song I listen to, I love her like my own sister and without her I would be absolutely nothing of what I am today.

            Thank you so much Sarah for the love and understanding kindness you show me. Until the end of time you will be my couple and my wife. I love you.

            Ps. Tell her how cute she is if you see her online.

            Aleigator 71 Oblivion; If I can't move Heaven, I'll raise hell.


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              IGN: EIysian

              Dear Shou,

              The first moment I saw you… it was love at first sight…

              JK. I just thought you were pro.

              But then I got to know the person behind the character, the real you.
              You were thoughtful, kind and made me feel welcome in your fam.
              We grew to be best buddies. And honestly we are so in sync. My thoughts are your thoughts, my words are your words.
              Through tears and happiness I will stand by you.
              Yes that sounds cheesy..
              But seriously though, I will. Count on it!

              Cheers to us!


              Your Knee

              Click image for larger version

Name:	2018_2_16_13.14.55.jpg
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Size:	163.6 KB
ID:	20268

              Click image for larger version

Name:	4de33791-cf94-4942-8c34-8628a69a0ba9.JPG
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Size:	155.6 KB
ID:	20269


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                Cute drawing !

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              Dear Nikki,

              Looking through my old screenshots and just the share happy, and endearing memories we have shared together sure caught me off guard. I would have never ever imagine I'd come back on to look through the memories I've gained here on Audition. I'm surprised as we've slowly been getting on with our own lives we've left Audition for the dust. I know I've asked you to participate in this event, so I trust that you'd be reading this and so, this letter is dedicated to you, sensei NIkki.

              Bidam & Seyeon

              Looking through my old inboxes and sent messages, it's apparent I was seriously cringe worthy looking back now. 2015. Wow, it's been three years since we've met and there's never been a part of me that has forgotten the great memories or cringe worthy replies the time we met on forums. Strangely enough, we were great friends on forums but rarely spoke in game or I guess a great portion of my time was spamming fps or exp. I'd admit, my general appreciation for your determination to provide others with the best you have to offer had led me to wanting to be your friend. Lucky for me, we did become friends and the times we shared together are some that I'd remember.

              Honestly, I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to have you as a friend for these past three years. To say the least, you and a few of our friends helped open doors to my love for kpop. It's funny cause I remember the first Running Man episode we all watched, the one with ZE:A. Not to mention, you've opened BTS to me as well, help I have season greetings for them too thanks to your reminders. I recall those nights where we'd stay up til dawn just watching running man or those vampire Kdramas; a lot has changed since then. For one thing, you've started advancing quickly into the design world. It's amazing the projects you've created and how inspiring you are to me to always strive the best of yourself ( let's just ignore the one you got lazy on LMAO) and to always believe in yourself. I'd like to thank you, for finding a way to inspire me through my struggle of writing.

              Just like that, fast forward a few months and I created an alt (not intentionally to couple you) and now they are considered our two mains or the one's we frequently play on, Bidam and Seyeon. Holy, did I suck at Audition, and I'm surprised we got so far in ranks or even levels to achieve our max ring. Our sleeping patterns at the time, technically allowed us to garden 24/7 so long as you slept the time I woke up to garden. Funny, I'd wake up to check garden and there you were completing the last hour before you went to bed at 3 AM. Simple moments like that made me realize to this day how dedicated we both were to garden. There are so many memories and moments I can share, which will probably form a little lightbulb above your head or perhaps a flashback, but I suppose those should be kept close to us.

              We've grown and been busy with our lives as of late, but I will be there for you, whenever you need a push, a shoulder to cry on, or a chat of any sorts and I know through our individual lives we'd somehow come back and reminiscing once more of the great times and memories we've gained on Audition.

              We have several memories between us, but there's not enough words to describe the importance your friendship has meant to me (there may be but you'd probably just call me cheesy half-way through). I hope the past few months have been good to you. I hope you advanced quickly with the several forms of art you were exposed to. I am looking forward to seeing your name in a movie reel for design or an animation, in which others can see what I see with your art. As for myself, I've been doing well with AI coding, lets hope the world of AI don't get too scary as movies outline for us.

              To close off this rather shortened version of the letter I had written prior; Thank you, for not only dealing with me as a couple on Audition, but several other games in which we've had the opportunity to play together. Thank you Nikki for everything you've done for me, shared with me, and showed me throughout these three years, hopefully we'd have many years of our friendship to go.

              With deepest sincerity, and lots of love,


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                This is too sweet , Angel !

              • Dorkly
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                thank you