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    Happy 10th Anniversary!

    A bunch of my friends introduced me to this game about 8 years ago. We would play together almost everyday but they were slowly quitting one by one. And soon I was the only one left. I started to get bored of the game. The only thing that kept me going was the fashion mall. I loved making new outfits. I would spend hours in there making a bunch of outfits. But I got bored of that too so I decided to play league and quit audi for a few years. Now I'm back to audi cause I got bored of league. I made a bunch of new friends and I still spend a lot of my time in the mall but I hope audi can keep me company for a while.

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      Happy 10th Anniversary to you!!

      Tell me why you play Audition: Well I play Audition because I just love the overall gameplay, competitiveness, and social community driven by the game. It's unique and unlike any other games. However, there are its flaws we all know with the numerous bugs, lack of new and mainstream songs, and lack of dedication and commitment from the company to keep it's players. It's annoying to see that a bug that was mentioned months or even years ago is still present. Like where is the effort? It's upsetting to see how the game has turned out like this. I see so much potential for this game to have a strong community and player base if there was more effort to fix all of its issues and give more expansive updates. I will always love this game for it's gameplay and nostalgia but there are certainly aspects of the game that should be fixed that I could only hope for.

      How long have you been playing it: I have been playing since 2007 when the game came out from Nexon.

      What makes you stay: The reason I stay is because I genuinely enjoy the game modes and all of the friends I've been able to make. It's absolutely unfathomable how many amazing people I have been able to meet and the number of friendships I have been able to establish. I can't really think of any other game where I can be extremely social like how I am with Audi. My friends are what truly drive me to keep coming back to this game, even with how busy I always am. I'll mainly just go on just to check who's on and log off if there isn't anyone on.


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        First of all: Happy 10th Anniversary to you!

        How long have you been playing it: I started playing EU Audition in 2008 for some years because my friends played it as well and introduced the game to me. However there was lack of new stuff and too many hacks (e.g. dc hack,..) which led to me having less fun playing the game, so i quitted the game although i liked the overall gameplay and the idea of meeting new people.

        Tell me why you play Audition: When I was at my best friend's house, who played EU Audition together with me back then, I saw how she was playing NA Audition and nostalgia really caught me while we talked about old times in EU Audition. I still remember how I said to her "omg how can you still play that game after so many years, dont waste ur time/money on that game LMAO blablabla.." - ironically, soon after I started playing NA Audition in October 2016 with the thoughts "oh well i will just see if theres any difference to EU times, im sure im gonna quit soon anyways" .. and here I am still playing it, LOL.

        What makes you stay: I love spending hours in the shopping mall and creating my own unique outfits. But just being online and listening to my favourite songs is already enjoyable to me. Though there was a time when I was about to quit NA Audition too because I thought it got boring, however (may it be fate or coincidence LOL) I got to know few people whom I got along with straightaway and who make me stay in NA Audition. I dont regret re-starting this game, since I was able to meet that one person whose presence has become indispensable to me.

        All in all, it does not matter how many people you know in Audition, because as long as you spend your time with a handful of right people you can say proudly "I'm not wasting my time."

        Peace out!


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          Nice! Ten years is a long time

          The reason why I started playing Audition was because of my older sisters. I would watch one of my sisters play Beat Rush, since she was pro at it. Meanwhile my other sister played normal a lot. I wasn't into computers much at the time, so I decided, why not try it out. Honestly, I was mad terrible at the game at first. Couldn't pass level 6 license for such a long time, and I would always plead my sister to do my license for me, but of course she refused and encouraged me to practice. Over the years I did get better and started to play more Beat Up and Beat Rush. Both modes that I enjoy playing nowadays.

          Ouuu let's see. It's been roughly 5 years or more. I was a youngster at the time. I took a break around late/mid 2014. Then I came back after I visited forums and saw the Beat Up Masters Event that mk held in 2015. Ever since, I've been pretty active.

          I enjoy playing audi because of my small group of friends, whether they're barely online or not. They fill out that small hole of loneliness in the game and make it entertaining.
          Another reason is that I'm trying to get better at some things, even though the motivation switch keeps going on and off 24/7. cough
          Amusing game sometimes, nonetheless.
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            Firstly, Happy 10th Anniversary!!

            I've played Audition, on and off, since 2011, so I'd say I've been a part of the community for about 5-6 years now? But counting only the active days, probably more like 3-4 years? Lmao. I first started playing Audition when my cousins introduced me to this mesmerizing dancing/rhythm game. I tried it and took an interest in it. I must admit, Audi does get repetitive and boring at times, which is why I tend to be an on/off player from time to time. I know this may sound cheesy and repetitive, as other players have also reasoned, but I am being completely honesty when I say the biggest reason I stay on Audi is for my friends, and to make new friends. Throughout the years, I've met so many great people, some of whom I still keep in contact with, others whom I've taken the initiative to meet irl, and others, not so much of either. Though I've had many ups and downs throughout my online life on Audi, these people give me a reason to come back to it/stay. They helped me make a number of memories that I will never forget. Sometimes when I'm bored, feeling down, want to take a break from work, or just wanna hang with my online friends, I can just stand/play with them on Audi. Considering play time for each game/round takes up only a few minutes, Audi is a low maint game for me that I can turn to if I just wanted to chill for a couple of minutes. Of course, there are other (smaller) reasons that keep me staying with this community. Tournaments are always fun and exciting, bringing out the competitiveness out of me. I'm also trying to climb up the couple ranks with Couple Garden, so that keeps me occupied throughout the days. There are events here and there that I may just pop my head in. But most of all, I'm always willing to meet new people. I love making new friends (even though I'm quite the introvert). I keep telling myself I'm gonna quit, but here I am, still alive. LOL. Anyway, I didn't plan for this to turn to the size of an essay, but these are some of the reasons I play/stay on Audition.

            Again, happy birthday, Audition!
            Thanks for the event!
            And gl to all the entrees!

            Btw, you mentioned you didn't really know anyone here, so if you ever wanna play together/just chill online, feel free to hmu, even though I'm pretty inactive right now... lol. But I'll hop on occasionally, so just let me know!


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              bump for more :3
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                I play audition because it was pretty much the game I grew up on.
                I've been playing since Nexon.. on and off soo 9 years
                I stay because it's always fun to come back to. To see what has changed and who has stayed. For me it is more of a social game instead of competitive. The community is what makes the game stay alive.. so without each other there would be nothing. I am happy to see we are getting more things added in the patches. It helps
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                  same to you i'm more active now

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                  god bless u angie

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                  hahahah it's not as boring to me anymore... i am just very bad.. always in last place in expert tourny n_n

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                I've played on RB for 3 years, but started in another server I think 5-6 years before that. I play because I like to dress up my character and listen to music. I stay because there are many people I want to stalk and can't stop stalking, and because there are so many memories of them that makes me want to relive the past.
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                  6 more days till deadline
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                    Hi! My name is Brendan, my IGN is currently Rossini and I have currently been playing Audition for about 6 years, on and off as well. The reason why I still play isn't just because of the amazing dancing and music, It's because of the Redbana Audi community really is a pleasure to be with and people I can really call great friends kept in contact literally till the day we die. From 2011, I really did enjoy it, even if I was on and off for a bit some time. I still kept in contact with so many people that still play today. Honestly, everyone on this game is very diverse from around the world, and it makes me happy how I get to talk to them and really get to know people across the world. SBBOY and Beat Rush are my favorite modes on Audition of all time, they're extremely competitive and they're massive fun. Overall, throughout the years, Audition Redbana did serve a part of my life, and I want them to continue to grow as well as myself. The people in this game really are amazing an thank you for hosting this event to really get myself to open up like this.

                    ​Thank you for hosting the event, means a bunch man.

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                      Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!
                      My name's Jazzy, but in game, you'll see me around as Bellini!

                      I play Audition, because it's another world when you're online and helps me escape the reality of college classes and working more hours than one can handle. Playing this game keeps me engaged with all of the different modes; the competition also peaks my interest. One second, you might being playing a friendly battle and meeting new people, and the next, you could be Fam battling with other members of the server.
                      I started Audition when I was in middle school, and now I'm 21, so approximately ten years ago, I joined and played until the servers closed. I thought the game had died forever, but I rejoined again in December 2016 and have been playing daily since.
                      ​The best part of the game that keeps me coming back is the friendships and relationships that I quickly formed through my Fam and other people you meet playing games. Of course, not everyone wants to be your friend, but the friends that I have found became my friends outside of the game. The people that I have met Audition have helped me overcome so many personal obstacles and truly mean a lot to me. I come back for their friendship everyday, and when people ask me why I'm always online, I tell them that my friends make it an addiction.


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                        Hiiiii Jazzy

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                      Happy 10 year anniversary!

                      In this upcoming May it will be my 10 year anniversary too.
                      My exbf introduced to me Audition when Nexon first open. I have so much memories on here and I remember every mode/feature that was patch. Like when the buddylist system didn't even exist yet. I had to manually type out my friend's ign or look at through the lobbylist. There was a period when the FAM system wasn't patched yet and everyone changed their igns to be "official" in a clan. Andddd Natasha Bedingfield/Britney Spear's battle parties. They were the worst bc a noob like me can never beat them. lmao Anyways Audi is my first online game that I was introduced to and I loved it. I played so many versions: Nexon, Redbana, KAU, RomAU, XAU, AudiSEA, LAU and even the sequels: KWIA and WIASEA.

                      I've been playing Audi on and off but I can never officially pull the plug. From this game, I've made so many friends across the country (and world). Believe it or not, I kept in contact with most people that I've met 5+ years ago. I've even ran into some that visited my city and viceversa. Unfortunately this game isn't active like its peak days, but I still find old players lingering around. I think most of it is because of ​nostalgia.
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                        HAPPY 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

                        uhm i play audition to make friends and to learn stuff from them.
                        i've been playing since '09-17 until now
                        i'm still playing audition because im so cute
                        that's it ty


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                          Deadline met!! ^^
                          I'll post the winner~

                          Someone asked for me to do the same questions..
                          I've been playing since 2006, I played audition because it reminded me of o2jam and DDR.. I really like music genre games. Overtime, I came to like it even more because of the people I met. I used to be really anti-social, and audition was sort of a way for me to get out off my shell.
                          Other than that.. I've been on/off and just get on to reminisce and see if some of my old buddies still plays.
                          It just sucks looking at your BL of 40+ friends and only see 1 person (If im lucky) online.
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                            Thanks for hosting this event and answering the questions Jun . It's good to see you around and know a little more about you.

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                          Yay, thank you for the event! Grats to the other winner. Actually enjoyed writing my response as well as reading everyone else's~ Thanks again, and hopefully, I'll see you in game someday when college isn't killing me. LOL