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    Cookiies's Wishlist

    [x] 1. Fan signs!!!! IGN: Punched
    [x] 2. Digital drawings of couples. Kys if u post something thats online. jkjk
    [ ] 3. New sig cuz mine sucks. I LIKE ANIME
    [x] 4. PM me memes
    [x] 5. Tips on how 2 gain weight. I eat a lot but my weight never changes
    [ ] 6. Bana cash / in game items??
    [ ] 7. Train me in chess
    [x] 8. Tips on how 2 have a gud life (since when was life ever good??)
    [x] 9.
    Other pc games excluding audi.
    [ ] 10. Make audi alive again. ALIVE AS IN NO LOCKED ROOMS AND 2+ FULL CHANNELS.

    [ ] Not granted
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    I like number 10!
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      elementalist lux


      • Blubba
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        LMAO damn i feel it

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      i keep forgetting to make a list
      my tablet pen comes tomorrow so i'll probably do one or two drawings after my finals or smth. lol i havent drawn in months cus no pen sob

      [x] 1. 5k or 10k bana cash
      [x] 2. kdrama/anime recs. i like comedy/romance/mystery
      [ ] 3. music recs. idk what to describe the type i like other than edm i guess.... example of music i like: 1 2
      [ ] 4. fan signs =) plz put "Sharona"
      [ ] 5. people to play with on tetrisfriends. ask for skype to contact me to play plz

      i'll think of more later

      Thank you!:
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      Sharona ♥ Daylon


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      mich123's Christmas Wishlist

      ] 1. bana cash/psn cash
      ] 2. tips for taiko or catch the beat on osu
      ] 3. share something that makes you smile/laugh
      [❤] 4. tips for someone that's a noob at drawing digitally
      ] 5. audi pet/indef accessory
      [ ] 6. banner for my
      osu userpage
      ] 7. recommend websites/apps that you use to read manga! (& recommend manga)
      [❤] 8. sub/follow on
      youtube/twitch ...
      [ ] 9. Hikari rank 1 season...?
      maybe I'll think of a 10th one...?

      [ ] sad
      ] Thank you! More would be appreciated!

      Thank you:
      Leebyn late but thank you!
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      1. Comment or pm me a list of (at least) 5-10 things that makes you
      happy (in general) or what you're grateful
      for this year.

      _ 2. Art Commissions. Pm for info. It'll be $5 each character!
      (goal: at least 5-10 ♥)

      Examples: dA @ xRenniexox

      3. Tell me your TOP 5-10 favorite anime
      (bonus if you could add a reason or two why)

      4. Tell me your TOP 5-10 favorite artists or songs
      (bonus if you could add a reason or two why)

      5. Art requests

      6. Check out my social media (for my art) and follow me if you'd like ♥
      tumblr / twitter / instagram / facebook / deviantart /
      ^click on the words and it'll take you to the website

      _ 7. Art trades

      _ 8. Any art constructive criticism would be appreciated ♥
      (From DeviantArt @
      xRenniexox )

      Much Thanks To:

      ♡ C12H22O11

      ♡ Aisha~
      ♡ CherBear

      ♡ granted, but more is always welcomed!
      _ not

      Have a Merry Christmas and New Year, Everyone!
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      the reason why we're in paradise together ♥


      • xRenniexox
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        Aisha~ Oh yes of course! DM about the details pls ♥
        And ah yeah, i've seen your art before!

        Yes any tips would be very much appreciated! You can leave comments on any of
        my deviants if you haven't already! Thank you ^^

      • xRenniexox
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        CherBear Thank you!! ♥

      • Meerkat
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        xRenniexox Ya I'm kat
        Replied to you awkwardly because sending photos is weird @_@

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      [C]_1. Show your best memes. (Completed but you can still send more)
      [C]_2. How about some Steam/PSN friends? (Completed but you can always still add.)
      [ ]_3. (CHANGED) Name some nice places to eat at. I need to try new things. I know one thing, I LOVE meat and soda.
      [C]_4. How about some parrot pictures? Parrots are like the most badass thing yet.
      [C]_5. Let me fill some of your wishes if I haven't already.
      [C]_6. Gimmie PC specs. I want to know what to upgrade next and interested in seeing yours.

      [C]_7. Best accessories for PC/PS4 gaming suggestions?

      [ ]_8. Show some California pride! (San Francisco for bonus )
      [ ]_9. A San Francisco meet up of Audi players one day. Lol like seriously lots of us in Cali. Charitable is the planned one I'm meeting with one day as soon as she gets her butt down here. ********.
      [ ]_10. How about some Twitch/YouTube love?


      If theres a C in that box it means granted. Why C? I don't know.

      I will think of 3 more but that's all for now lol
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      • Blubba
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        ooh I see, yeah I would def consider updating the motherboard than since it's one of your older parts and then update the rest.

        For the wireless headsets, I don't notice any off times, the only real problem I have is that I have to like reset an application if I decide to switch from speakers to the headsets but I consider that a minor issue. If you rather not use wireless than the Logitech also has a lot of great USB headsets instead. Also the HyperX Cloud works with PC but I think it uses the 3.5mm audio jack instead of USB.

        Corsair is a great keyboard! I have heard really good things about it but budget wise, Cooler Master has been better for me. Another great keyboard I like other than CM and Corsair is Das Keyboard. I haven't used it or anything but I heard it's really good ^_^

      • Charitable
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      • Charitable
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        2. I already have you on steammm & ya added yourself on my psn lol what

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      1. Give me some motivations to go to school pls
      2. Fly high 3 fo?
      3. Map me some osu mania 4k songs, pm me ill tell the songs i want
      4. Help me uncap fps pls, too nub 4 dis
      5. Let me know who are ur favorite models
      6. Some wallpapers with blonde anime girls lol or just anime girlxgirl .. ye n sexy pls
      7. Lf> a pantsu designer???
      8. Let me know what are ur favorite glitch hop songs
      9. Teach me francais!
      10. Haute Couture in anime style?? lol dunno how to say it

      Granted wishes: 1
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      • Blubba
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        I can show you my fly high 3 fo !
        it's not the safe FO though but it can get you a good score

      • C12H22O11
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        Blubba oh yus pls show me xD
        well i can fc the song but not all the time tho, nidda practice more
        KawaiiHonoka ty for granting my wish
        why did i even have a wish about school? lol
        school makes me feel sad

      • Blubba
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        C12H22O11 well my ign is Fakku but you can message me on FB when you're on (:
        fb >

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      caleb's wishlist
      1. a drawing of my audi char, (
      http:// prnt. sc /djm74c) remove spaces <
      2. a matching sig/icon of anime? (I like anything, but pref. something with noragami or kyoukai no katana) [ ]
      3. tips on how to edit videos/make signatures [ iii ]
      4. Music recommendations! (i like backseat artists) [ ]
      5. how to get started on digital art. [ iii ]
      6. new friends, text me ! (askformydigitsyo). [ ]
      7.Star Guardian Jinx (jinx is my bby if you do this I will cry ;-; ) NA /IGN : Sympathetic Lyon [ iii ] -THANK YOU ENJOYY <3
      8. snapchat streaks: iv.3005 / follow me on ig @w0ahh.c [ V ]
      9. how to make money online bc im gonna be a legit couch potato this week off [ iii ]
      10. kdrama/korean shows to watch (doesnt have to be kdrama just what i prefer) [ V ]

      x- not granted
      V-granted but more is appreciated
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      • Shxt
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        Enjoy tytytytytytytytyytytytytytyty soooooo much. :^)

      • Deathberry
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        3) I can give you tips on making gfx signatures if that's what you mean but I haven't made any in awhile haha
        here are some of my threads and examples if you're skeptical and want to make sure someone reliable is able to give you tips 1 2 3 // 4 5 6
        we can skype about it if you like~

        10) I can recommend you some kdramas if you could narrow down with which genres you like!

      • Shxt
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        Deathberry ^-^ thank youu, i'll pm you with my skype !!

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      Woah so happy to see this thread still alive - hug blubba - i'll post my whishlist later.

      Edit: My whishlist.

      1- Korean drama recommendation.

      2- Romance or school girls anime recommendation.

      3- Art commissions, pm for info - It will be chibi style -

      4- Follow me at my social media

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      HO HO HO
      My favorite time of the year :3
      Healer's wishlist!!!

      1. Friends to play with! Most of the time I'm alone doing nothing x-x [ ]
      2. League of legends skin/ rp Euw: EnDuKaTaS [ ] If you need accout that is 2 weeks in my frieds list, then just PM me, I'll give u info of my smurf.

      3. Audition banacash or any items IGN: HeaIer with an i instead of L [ ]
      4. Handwritten message! I love those, they are soo fun to read [ ]
      5. Any League of legends high division player play placements with me? Euw: EnDuKaTaS [ ]
      6. Drawing of Neopolitan from RWBY. [x]
      7. Steam giftcard [via PM, or email ] [ ]
      8. Something insipirational/motivation or something that would cheer me up? Cuz I'm feeling down lately (Even tho christmas coming, can't be sad through that right?) [x]
      9. Be my friend! [x ]

      10. Looking for a nice desktop background. Maybe something with christmas? Your choise, if I get many pictures to choose from, I will put one as my desktop for atleast a month hehe [x ]

      Regardless if you granted my wish or not, you are awesome and I wish you merry christmas! I hope next year is gonna be the best year you ever lived in! I hope all your wishes come true and you find eternal happiness! Love you all, and once again MERRY CHRISTMAS! HO HO HO
      - HeaIer


      Special thanks to
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      What a lovely event! I hope you all enjoy the holidays either by yourself or with loved ones!


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        Just a reminder that even though Christmas is tomorrow (according to Pacific Standard Tme) you can still grant wishes !
        Make sure to spread some joy and cheer, Happy Holidays everyone!
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