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  • ​❅☃​❅ Christmas Wishlist Event ​❅☃​❅

    Originally hosted by K u k u ` for two consecutive years , continued by JacKaYu , continued by Yo~ for two consecutive years , and then continued again by Sharchie and Kaeluh . This event will be running for the seventh time!! It'd be such a shame to see this event come to an end after so many years. It's a perfect way to share the holidays with an online community!
    ☃☃ ☃☃

    Christmas is a time of giving and receiving :3. In this event, you do both. Create a wishlist with up to ten wishes. This can include anything, such a graphics, drawings, photos, or any other thing you can come up with, but limit it to 10. However, it wouldn't be good to make your wishes too...extravagant.

    Take a look at the other wishlists and see if there is something that you can do. Even the tiniest gift can bring happiness to someone. :3

    Wishes will be completed by everyone out of the kindness of their heart :3. Although you submit a wishlist, you are not required to fulfill another person's wish. It is all up to you. :3 No one will be scorned or shunned for not giving any wishes. Shame on you if you shun anyone.

    If you want to, you may choose to fulfill a wish anonymously. Just PM me the gift and we will post it as an anonymous gifter. Or if you don't trust me, feel free to post it on a new account.
    ☃☃ ☃☃

    Please remember that people who complete wishes are doing this out of the kindness of their own heart. Do not rush anyone or QQ about your wishes not being granted.

    Please remember to provide the necessary references and whatnot needed to complete your wish.

    Give people time to complete wishes. A lot of people have a busy schedule.

    Everyone who participates will be benefited.
    ☃☃ ☃☃

    There is no due date for sign-ups. You can post your wishlist whenever you want. However, do take note that if you post it around a week before Christmas and as an example, your wishes are all `draw my whole fam` or something along the lines of that, it is unlikely that any will be granted. Take note of the time that people have to complete wishes.

    This event will end on Christmas for all time zones. So even if Christmas is over for you but still on for another person, you can still give them a gift.
    Event Description by K u k u `
    ***Please do not reply to this post***
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    A - E
    Aisha~ [0/5]

    Blubba [8/10]
    Charitable [8/10]
    Cookiies [6/10]

    C12H22O11 [1/10]
    Din [4/10]
    Enjoy [6/10]

    [0/10] means none granted, go grant some!
    Please check individual posts for updated wishes.
    Note that that the maximum amount of wishes is 10!
    ***Please do not reply to this post***
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      F - Z

      Jayyyyy [4/5]
      Juuta [0/10]
      KawaiiHonoka [6/9]

      Meerkat [4/10]
      Mich123 [3/9]
      Rebels [3/10]
      VioletSkye [6/10]
      Shxt [2/10]
      Sharchie [2/5]

      [0/10] means none granted, go grant some!
      Please check individual posts for updated wishes.

      Note that that the maximum amount of wishes is 10!
      ***Please do not reply to this post***
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        I love this event <3. lol


        • Blubba
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          post your wish list then !

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        good times with this event. FeelsBadMan
        getting fu---- by an egg..
        ..that's live.


        • Blubba
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          you should post your wishlist RELIVE THE GOOD TIMES

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        x3 exp cards ign Rowlet
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        • KawaiiHonoka
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          Charitable LOL I move about average speed killing everything in my way. You should be happy
          Besides times like this on expert, you have no choice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBL0...ature=youtu.be
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        • Charitable
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          KawaiiHonoka I'm a team player. Although I say I don't like playing with people who aren't good that's only when I'm being competitive. I love helping out others and I take my time when playing with friends to fk around and stuff. As I said. It's a team effort game. Not sure if we played enough for you to know that I'm already good at this game lol. I spent so many hours playing even tho I've beat all the campaigns and etc. and yeah I play expert too.

        • Charitable
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          Also Theres no need to be comparing stats.

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        [ ] 1. This book because it's apparently 10/10 (or really any kind of book; let me read pls )
        [x] 2. Couple drawing of these two (will take better screens later...)
        [ ] 3. Someone to play with me because I am such a lonely Aussie - IGN Meerkat/Trait
        [x] 4. Pictures of your pets because who doesn't love animals
        [x] 5. A drawing of slowpoke!
        [x] 6. Additions to my anime list! Literally down for anything tbh
        [ ] 7. Cute faces for either of my accounts - Meerkat/Trait
        [x] 8. RP on NA/OCE or something for on audi for 7 days LMAO (LoL oce: Woe; NA: Daddys boo)
        [ ] 9. Siggie or someone to take some SS's of me and my cpl
        [ ] 10. HMU with a tbh or first impression

        [ ] dreams not fulfilled
        [x] Many thanks ! Other drawings and whatnot welcome too

        Shoutout to Dini, Jilly, Yo~, Cookiies and the ever so lovely PUE!!!!
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        • Cookiies
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          #6 Erased, RE:Zero, Mob Psycho 100, Your Name (movie), Shokugeki no Souma, Kiznaiver, Twin Star Exorcists, Gakuen Handsome (parody of yaoi), Magical Girl Raising Project (similar to Puella Magi Madoka Magica).


        • Meerkat
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          Cookiies, I'll check them out once I have time just got swooped with 50 tv shows @_@ I'm into almost anything LMAO

        • Meerkat
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        Charitable's Wishlist!

        [X]1.Handwritten Fan sign.
        [X] 2.Send me links to your playlist.
        [X]3.A nice anime background for desktop.
        [X] 4.Forum sig/preferably beyond the boundary anime w/any quote.
        [ ]5.Donations via paypal, pm. :/
        [ ]6.Netflix movie/show recommendations.
        [X]7.PM me scary stories so I can read.
        [X]8.Tell me some good/any quotes.
        [X]9.Send me some dank memes pls.
        10.Ign ideas.

        [X] Granted/It would be nice to have more.
        [ ] Not granted.
        Granted 08/10

        Much thanks to:

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        Din's Christmas Wishlist

        [ ] 1. new ava/signature bc mine are outdated af :-(
        [] 2. fansigns!! i luv me sum fansigns pls
        [] 3. FRIENDS. i am lonely :-(
        [ ] 4. banacash/RP eeeaaah
        [ ] 5. a drawing of my couple and me!! (heres some outfits for you to choose from !!) [x]

        [ ] 6. giftcard to starbucks or tim hortons?? b/c i drink their coffee literally everyday v_v
        [] 7. online shopping recommendations!! bc i shop only at like 3 stores online....
        [ ] 8. handwritten letters ♥
        [ ] 9. indef clothes ..??

        ] granted and also more would be nice and GREATLY appreciated!!
        [] granted thx u luv u
        [ ] not granted :-(


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        Arm Leg


        • Blubba
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          i can make a sig if you can find renders for me or if it's an anime one tell me the anime and i'll try to find the render, PM if interested (:

        • VioletSkye
          VioletSkye commented
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          10. I live in europe so it could be hard to manage to play together, but i'd be in :3 Just add me IGN: VioletSkye

        • Din
          Din commented
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          Rebels IDK WHAT I WANT YET AHHHHHHHH i'll let u know when I do thx a bunch homie xoxo
          Myu oooooo omg i love discount so I will check that out next pay cheque :-) thx xoxo
          Meerkat i luv u thx u hunnie xoxo
          Mono thank you Mono!!! your handwriting is so cute :-( pls teach
          VioletSkye ooo okie I'll add you when I login later!! :-)

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        Happy to see this event happening ~ I may make a wishlist. If not, would love to try to fulfill some wishes this year !

        ★ ign: CherBear | lvl: 5 | cpl: Milotic [Married♥] | team: Milotic ˇ MamaBear | fam: BearFamily (co-lead) ★
        ★...The world spins on dreamers like you...★
        061608 ˇ 100908 ˇ 121508 ♥ 041709 ˇ 042109
        ★ ˇ Art Thread ˇ ★


        • Blubba
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          looking forward to it (: !!

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        Doing this to honour the tradition :3 thank you for hosting this event in 2016!!

        [x] 1. New Song tips (I'm really tired of my song list atm, would be awesome if you share some of your favourite ones with me :3)

        [x] 2. Please share your stories with me and tell me the thing you regretted the most in your history in life

        [x] 3. If you had something you'd give me as advice for life, what would it be?

        [x] 4. Some nice fan signs / signs / selfies that I can admire and love forever

        [] 5. Someone who knows about how to cook healthy and fast and wants to talk to me / share some of the experiences? hehe

        [] 6. People to play osu! with (im on EU time though, AND I'm really not pro, I'm at around 4 Stars atm :3)

        [] 7. A coloured digital drawing of this handsome guy here -> http://i.imgur.com/nXPxqnv.jpg (please dont judge me, this is the best I've ever been able to draw :c)

        [x] 8. Your opinion on what you find the most attractive on women/men

        [x] 9. Anime recommendations (can be nearly every genre, just be aware I watched most of the known animes already)

        [] 10. For everyone to have a nice christmas and new years, lots of fun and to enjoy time with your friends/family !!!!!

        Thanks to:
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        Retired because playing alone is no fun


        • C12H22O11
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          6. ugh i play osu sometimes but i can do mania 4k only lol dunno if u play it

        • VioletSkye
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          aw no i dont sadly :c

        • Juuta
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          6. Add me ShidoSun , I'm around 4 stars too, we can play sometime

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        I will now be joining the hoard !


        // // Blubba's Wishlist // //

        1. [x] fan signs ~
        2. [x] follow me on my social media if you haven't already:
        twitter, instagram, tumblr, twitch, & deviant art
        3. [x] digital drawing of me, my audi char and/or hestia !
        x - pic of me
        x - pic of audi char
        - hestia
        4. [x] PM me some tbh or first impressions ^_^
        5. [x] donations, via paypal, venmo or facebook, pm me for details if necessary !
        6. [x] netflix movie/show recommendations
        7. [x] guitar mode buddy(ies)!
        8. [ ] an active couple :c !!!
        9. [ ] makeup ~
        10. [x] rp, bana cash, and/or in game cash (perma stuff works too)

        [x] granted + more is always nice!
        [ ] not granted :c

        // // Special Thanks: // //

        Rebels 1
        VioletSkye 1
        xRenniexox 1
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        • Blubba
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          THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • xRenniexox
          xRenniexox commented
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          3) http://i.imgur.com/lYeAqO9.png

          Hope you like it.

          Let me know if you want any changes (no bg,
          or diff size, etc).

          Thanks for holding this event.

        • Blubba
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          xRenniexox omggg thank you!! that's super cute

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        Originally posted by Charitable View Post
        4. [ ] Forum sig/preferably beyond the boundary anime w/any quote.
        here's your sig/ava (i wasn't sure if you wanted an ava)
        also sorry i couldnt add the text :c but i have in the back since it's such a large quote

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        • Charitable
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          Oh my goodnesss.

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        Jilly's Wishlist
        [ ]1. need more active friends to stalk and play with (I'm literally on most of the time doing nothing)
        [ ] 2. Anyone that can find me a dinosaur, panda, or unicorn onesies with hoodie (I have already a penguin 1)
        [ ] 3. North or So California places recommendations to go to (eat, watch, hike, whatever)
        [ ]
        4. Anything relating to pandas. [This can be a drawing/doodle of a panda, a video, a gif. ,etc]
        [ ] 5. Drawings/Doodles of Eevee's (ANY EVOLUTION is accepted, I love all of them )
        [ ] 6. Drawings/Doodles of penguins.
        [ ] 7. Any cooking channels/books/recipes site (preferably trying to learn steaming/slow cooking and not eating fatty foods)
        [ ] 8. Tell me remedies how to cope with major depression. What do you do to keep moving forward (I'm gladly open to talk about this topic to anyone personally or privately)
        [ ] 9. Any where that I can buy Sailor moon stuff. (links please & can be delivered in US)
        [ ]10. If you had to choose 1 superpower, which 1 and why?

        [] granted / more is appreciated

        [ ] not granted
        7/10 Wishes

        p.s. hi princess @Blubba
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        Astucieux's Wishlist

        [ ]1. Some fan signs
        [ ]2. Some tips for SM audition
        [ ] 3. New Subscribers for my YouTube Channel (oh bootaeyeol- kpop videos)
        [ ] 4. Meeting people who like EXO or BTS and telling me their bias
        [ ] 5. Some random item from mall for 7 days if yall don't mind lol

        [ ] granted but more would be appreciated

        Thank you for granting my wish(es)! <3
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        Astucieux Audacieux


        • C12H22O11
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          2. how 2 give u tips 4 sm audition tho? lol i doubt that any one here has done that but if u do dance or sing id love to listen to u and watch how chu dance . Anyways i think its a dream of every kpop luva, good luck to u!!!

        • Deathberry
          Deathberry commented
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          i like bangtan sonyeondan and
          my bias is min yoongi

          i dont have any experiences with sm/kpop auditions but maybe you can youtube some people's experiences and their tips (i'm sure this is an obvious answer but ya...)

        • Jayyyyy
          Jayyyyy commented
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          C12H22O11 ty.
          Deathberry, ooooo. i also like BTS my biases are Jimin and Suga. I've alrdy watched some videos on ppl's experience but was seeking for perhaps more additional information and experiences other ppl may have but didn't post. Oh wells. TY for the tip tho.