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    Hi, I'm a new player in Audition and want to ask about coupling. How to have a couple? I heard that we must play in couple mode and get 5 sync hearts. I've done that but still is not in couple yet. Is there any minimum level to have one?
    Thanks before

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    Hey love, minimum level of getting a couple is level 6.
    You could also play Club 2 Mode to couple someone, at the end of the game where you see your score and ratio. You can click an option next to the person you want to couple, that says "couple" and you'll be coupled if they also press the same option.

    I hope this helps.
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      Thank you so much for the information! No wonder I can't have a couple since I'm not lv 6 yet hahaha
      Is there any minimum hearts in Club 2 mode? Thanks before


      • Alei
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        Tbh I have no idea how many hearts you actually need.

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      I think getting over 40 hearts in Club II mode gives you the option to couple. tbh its VERY easy (much easier than couple dance) to do, since club II gives you points for sync'ing greats and perfects, as well as the potential +10 heart bonuses you can get in the partner selection and finishing move parts of the mode.
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        Both players need 30+ hearts in Club II.


        • Kickin
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          Actually only one player needs 30 hearts to fill the circle and get the request couple button. I had someone request just last week when I only had 23 hearts but they had 37.

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        Well if you buy "Love Portion" below level 5 you can send a couple request even when you dont have above +30 hearts or 5 hearts in couple mode.