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  • Hello there :)

    Hello Everyone !

    I finally decided to introduce myself but i was unsure about what to write. Anyways, let start. Hi my name is Hanna Marie Dang
    am 22 years old, am 1m73 tall and have long blonde hair and i am from Berlin, but i moved to Sweden for like almost 2 years with
    my parents, because my grandfather was really sick, so me and my parents enjoyed our time with him until he died, so we can
    buried him there
    So that was a short overview. I love to eat food and more and more ... love it when it rains and you can sleep well like a baby.
    My favourite food is Pizza Oh and i use to say chiwawa instead of chihuahua LOL, I love Gossip Girl, i can rewatch it everytime its like drug, forever Blair and Chuck <3
    My games i am currently playÝng are Audition-Overwatch- and sometimes Sims. Please no hate because of my grammar
    i am still learning english, can also say sth in Spanish - Hola Auditioneers - Gracias - ok thats enough

    Anyways its nice to be here !

    mmm^ Leighton

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    wow, you are so tall, hi hanna <3

    nerf this!!
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    Walking with you<3
    Yag / FC


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      Hello, Hanna! Such a pretty name. I'm guessing 1m73 is about 5'6", which is about the same height as me. I still say "chiwawa" tbh (is that not how it's really pronounced? LOL). I'm pretty dead on Audition as of now, but I'm currently active on Overwatch, so feel free to play with me whenever! Always looking for new friends to chill with. ~


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        HANNA!! I FOUND U!
        Caterina | Special Master | Mercy


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          Hello Hanna, I don't know you, but since everyone said hi, I wanted to join the Party.
          Doug | Level 6X | FlffyUnicorn


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            I like you already lololol


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              Tianha dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww forever chiwawa :3


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                Maybelline #Chiwawa4Lyf


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                  I love you hanna

                  -best chiwawa queen
                  n xoxo gossip girl i still dont like blair (((((
                  pls u still have a long way in spanish mi senorita


                  JillyJhay [08|30|13||12|15|13||09|18|14]


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                    HI HANNA ITS KRIS
                    Barbie & Ken Ludakris & Rival