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    `rave: /reɪv/ [reyv]
    –verb (used without object) talk wildly, as in delirium. talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm: She raved about her trip to Europe.
    3.(of wind, water, storms, etc.) to make a wild or furious sound; rage.
    –verb (used with object) utter as if in madness.
    –noun act of raving. extravagantly enthusiastic appraisal or review of something.
    7.Chiefly British Slang . a boisterous party, esp. a dance.
    8.extravagantly flattering or enthusiastic: rave reviews of a new play.

    Raves Leadership Team

    Current Ongoing Events:

    Fall Fan Fiction

    A writing event to test the creativity of our communities writers! Over $100 in potential prizes both in banacash or real money through paypal. Non Audition skill based and open to everyone. Rave members who compete will win from a separate prize pool however. This event is administrated by Josh (Wolf).

    Best of the Best

    An audition tournament with over $100 in Banacash as rewards as well as indefinite items. An Audition skill based tournament. No difference in awards between Rave / non Rave members and everyone is welcome. This event is administrated by Stacee

    Disney Carnival

    A disney cosplay event with $90 in BC rewards along with plenty of gifted items! This is a non audition skill based event focusing on cosplay and photography. This event is Administrated by Zoey (Caotina)

    No Skills Required

    This event is held by Ruby. It's pretty much 100% cancer so I don't know why we're supporting it.

    Who are we?

    [COLOR="Navy"]Rave is a group of friends and players from all walks of life who decided that banding together as friends would be wiser then enjoying the fun of Audition alone. We are kind, crude, loving, hateful, respectful, and downright mean at times. We are all aspects of human nature and all walks of life. Rave is about excellence through personality, friendship, and aspiration. The members of Rave are all outstanding whether it's on the dance floor or through their amazing ability to make others laugh. Rave has had its share of drama. Hackers, lies, and many many mistakes. There are those who will hate us and we will forgive them because their hate may be justified. We do not seek drama anymore. We do not seek to prove ourselves. We seek to be the best that we can be regardless of the skill of others. We promote sportsmanlike behavior and events to keep the server alive.
    We have personality.
    We are alive.
    We are Rave

    What is our Purpose?

    Rave exists for the sole benefit of its members. We are here to have fun. Everyone in Rave is expected to talk and play with a few other members within Rave, because if you aren't than you aren't getting the most out of Rave. Our conversations are held in open chat and not whispers. We welcome new people kindly because our purpose is to help and not destroy. We wish not to push others down, but instead lift up the abilities of our members ad highlight their skills so that they can succeed at their mode of choice whether it be a mode in audition, fan art for the game, or just being social. Our purpose is no longer to be the best in the game, but the best to ourselves through honesty instead of deceit. Ranking is not a goal. Self betterment is. Ranking is only a secondary gain.

    What are the rules of Rave?

    Rave does not have many rules, but the ones we do have do matter. Those who are within Rave shall not maliciously attack another player repeatedly or attempt to purposely single someone out and cause drama. Drama will start, but avoid being an instigator. We have all been instigators are one point, but if we can do our best to maintain peace we can enjoy the game even more. Do not under any circumstances hack, however, if you have hacked in your past that is irrelevant. Once you enter Rave you are now a blank slate and all previous mistakes you have made are no longer relevant, but while in Rave all mistakes you make will have an affect on your standing within the FAM. If you hack while in Rave then you shall be banned. This also means try avoiding locked BP rooms or BP rooms in obscure channels if you can help it. Things like this breed suspicion and this is how rumors start. Leave the spectator spots of game rooms open when possible, because if you aren't ashamed of what you're doing you shouldn't be worried about other people coming in. Also, we do not allow talking during tournament rounds while members are playing. This is to help those who are in tournament concentrate and do the best that they can. These members will tell you when a tournament round is over so you can talk until the beginning of their or your next round. Finally, have fun. Rave is a FAM within an online game. The point of a game is to simply have fun. Enjoy yourself and the company of other members and if you find that Rave is not the FAM for you feel free to leave. We would rather you be happy with a different FAM than sad with us.

    Well this all sounds interesting, but how do I join?

    There is no exact test to join Rave nor is there any right way to apply. The easiest way would be to get to know our members. If you are skilled at 8k and are a legitimate player you are not instantly given access, but so long as your personality does not interfere with the ability to keep peace in FAM chat and are a kind and mature player you will be added into the FAM via invitation. You can also excel at beat up, beat rush, or any other mode as long as you can prove your skill is worthy and you are a helpful player. If you find your skills lacking.. then simply spend time with our members. We're on all the time and quite active now. Do not be afraid to greet us. We are more often than not more kind than you suspect. If you wish to apply through the forums however.. Please fill out this form below and we'll come seek you out in game to get to know you. You may either post it directly to the thread or PM me directly if you don't feel comfortable posting it in the thread.

    Reason you want to join:
    Audition servers you play:
    Real first name:
    Specialties (beat up, chaining, 8k):
    and anything else you would like to share:
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    Thanks everyone for helping with the revival of Rave. I'd like to welcome all of our new members such as Liddy, Carat, and Kirst and I hope that Rave can regain it's status as a competitive and friendly FAM within the community.

    Also, congratulations FAM on first and third place in expert tournament, winning couple tournament, and making finals in beat rush tournament. Keep up the good work everyone.
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      awwwwww yea joshieboo


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        Originally posted by --No View Post
        awwwwww yea joshieboo
        You know there's a special place for you in Rave too baby cakes.
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          good luck :3


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            gratz n good luck
            que sera, sera;
            You're one of my favorite people on audition.
            Shaily Dean Timmy


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              Hi Joshhhhhhhhhhhhh
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                Rave's back!
                Nice going on revival
                GOOD LUCK
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                  < prisoner & voltex invictus lol: kirsten >


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                    Oh you just made this


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                      welcome back josh and good luck on revival

                      Chihiro Hakuu


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                        let me make a banner q.q
                        < prisoner & voltex invictus lol: kirsten >


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                          Originally posted by BonnleBoo View Post
                          let me make a banner q.q
                          Ohkay. Just PM me it if you like or post it on here for everyone to see. I have to start fixing the Rave tryout form and spreadsheets.
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                            Originally posted by RaveWolf View Post
                            Ohkay. Just PM me it if you like or post it on here for everyone to see. I have to start fixing the Rave tryout form and spreadsheets.
                            needa take some screen shots of some peeps then c: !
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                              welcome back josh <3.
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