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  • Bump. Didn't see this till i got bored and started browsing. Even though the SS is like a month old .

    SHAE, YOURE MY BAD ****!!! lol jk . My partner in crime,the ying to my yang.

    You're unforgettable. Even though we've been coupled for 2 years (with our 2 rings -stare-) ive come to realize that we're such a great team even though ive known you for longer than that like goin on 7 years now? We basically grew up on this game together I dont know WHY we didnt couple sooner tbh lol.@ Us slaving over garden/attendance/cbp and bb spam and winning events together for so long is starting to add up ! I cant imagine myself coupling anyone else, even if you beat my *** in every mode when you try,you've made me become a better player/socializer in-game and i'm glad as f that we're both active . I know i couldnt do this all by myself, so it means a lot to me that we're doing goals like getting 1M<3s together. It shows us how determined we are to get somewhere (together ) and that's the whole point of being a couple right ?To make a long story longer.There's never a boring moment when I'm with your crazy self (with you doing \ and `0` every time you type like are you high), you make this audi experience worth while like x10000000000000000 better; dont leave me again please <3. Im not an expert at being corny so lol. We're half way there bb, 500k+<33333 chocolate vanilla swirl for lyfe.I love you~ B). -your mac to your cheese
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      • So I felt like being a complete cheese and posting in this..
        Axel, you're such an angel. You don't even know. You make me smile so much, and I know we've definitely had our ups and downs, but we've overcome them as a couple. Honestly, you make me so happy. You're so bootylicious and I'm just like "damn boy, let me hit that up."

        I love to heart spam with you, it's always a fun time when I'm with you, even though we're both terribad && lazyass gardeners- and you carry me in BB and I carry you in CBP. I'm so happy you have met you so soon in my life, I must be a super lucky girl or something. I like when we webcam and do stupid shizznizzle together, or when I distract you during guitar tourny by sending you hot pics of booblediedoops. Will you just be mine forever or somthing, idek. You should be. You make life so wonderful, help. I'm not super good with this romantic stuff, but you know how I feel. We're the most kawaii buttholes in the game, y'know. I love you more than words could describe, I'll always be your princess, through thick and thin and all that silly mushy stuff. You put up with my tsundere tantrums and stuffles. We got a lot of heart spam to do, so get to work BBhackerxxpro69g00tarzkeng. I'll twerk all over your face or smthin, 'eeeeyyy.

        ♡ your little sister pls
        PS: I'm head ogre heels for you. x


        • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaabe, Why are you doing the mushy gushy stuff x_x you make me blushuuuuuuuuuuu.
          i love you so much more btw. and that was really cute x_x ... please . kty bye i love you more k ty.


          • Originally posted by Vivie View Post
            Hyung. He's weird but nice. i think he's fine

            Friend. She's le pedophile. i cant

            <3 le real love
            The pokemon lovers KAWAIII!!!!


            • I think I wrote one of these before, but since time has passed since then I guess another one is needed.

              Dear Twonykins,

              Although we met over four years ago, it's like I learn new things about you every day. And, although you always annoy me I know that we're amazing together.
              I remember when we started talking again for real, and we cammed until early hours of the morning on Christmas. I wanted to be the first person to say Merry Christmas to you and I guess I was.
              Then by the 2nd of January we were dating, time really has flown since then.
              Loving you was the best thing I ever did, and one of the things I'm going to continue to do without regret.

              Last month we met for the second time and we made so many memories.
              We had dinner with my sister and she gave us the idea to go to Bridgnorth a town with a really cool river.
              Come stay with me again?

              Out of all the other guys on this game, I know I'd always pick you.

              Here's some memorable moments:

              I love you Tony.

              Lots of Love.



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              • Tell me I'm impressive man.
                Okay, since I don't know what the hell I'm suppose to put here and what to say about this stupid fgt but thanks for being with me since Nov2012? LOL. Despite all the sad memories, the happy memories are what counts isn't it =]. We might not be the best couple but we're a couple I guess |:. Even though you're always on your alt, I don't really mind. I can't believe we even got max. Since July 16th 2014, " Get top ten ranks ," THAT SHALL BE A CHALLENGE but motivation to be honest. Yass, 107k and gonna climb again. Tbh, I'm lazy but I'll try. Efforts to me but I STILL ACTUALLY NEVER GOTTEN A SWEET LOVE PARTY LETTER FROM YOU? UHM. w/e, ur cool, I let you slide : ). Thanks for staying through all my bullshts and making me a better person(?). Okay no, but you bought joy into my life and making me a more amusing person o_o. Even though, you're the LAZIEST person on earth and said you're not willing to work when you get married. *** *** af.Okay , have fun reading this, this is so much shorter than the messages I type to you |: ..

                happy one year anniversary soon =|.

                daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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                  couple of the month.

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                  couple of the day.

              • aa


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                    thats our moment

                • Can you please explain to me what is couple?

                  I love you Allan, even though you are dead but you're my no.1
                  oh and my amazing Italiano hubby
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                  • yen deals with my **** in public and endures it. so, that's a plus

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                    • I have a friend ring, but my cpl still means the world to me. We've been friends for so many years and she reminds me all the time to remember that life is about fun and not to always be stressing it. <3 We're both kind of outcasts but she's my outcast
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                      • My Couple is my BESTFRIEND, a friend who knows what my mood is, what makes me happy and most importantly how to cheer me up when i am sad.
                        i cherish every moment i spend on him and hope that he will never disappear. <3. Much love oii dam dam

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                          awww love u too juju!!
                          love the pics! so nice and osm!
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                          haha ik im osm

                      • Sawyer and I are 6 years strong on Audi marriage. lel.
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                        • Originally posted by Stacee View Post
                          Sawyer and I are 6 years strong on Audi marriage. lel.
                          Think me and james are 5 years of our recouplidge.
                          I haven't really met you Star, and this may be random

                          But you are so adorable and you're like one of the forumers I envy because you're always so nice.
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