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  • Couple Party Level Up

    Hello Guys,

    ​I'm due for a couple party soon, and me and my buddy are not very good at fast 8k, just wondered if anyone had any ideas or tips to help us get through it at all? If anyone could help at all, would much appreciate it.

    Thank you

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    Hi Linguini !

    As far as practicing speed for 8k , Beat Rush 8K ,Beat Up 6k or setting the chance to BOMB in a Normal Mode room could help.

    Simple changes in hand placement can help you play better and faster. This is just me but pressing CTRL instead of the SPACEBAR helped me play comfortably because the hand placement is spaced out more on a standard QWERTY keyboard. If you have issues such as having to press the FN key / using FN numpad or you're using a external numpad, get a keyboard with an installed numpad in place.