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  • Stephanie's Secret, the 8k story nightmare

    Hello everyone, I guess this is an introduction to myself, aswell as a thank you and some tips to this hell story? Idk. I just like being nice and helping others with anything, even if it's not needed.
    Anywho, I'm Liam. My IGN is Posty, aaand I guess this is my first forum post on this account??? I made some back in 2013, but we don't talk about those.. Okay, onto the story

    ~Story Requirements & Tips~
    So, the story is under Episode 1, #60, and the requirements for it are "Finish 10 "Club Dance-8Keys" matches with 4 Heart and 2 Finish Moves'
    And omg did that req make want to give up
    But honestly, don't. Get some patience, and make a room. It's not going to be easy, I promise LOL, but these songs and tips should help you, along with other tough story challenges that may throw you off.

    #1. Don't get impatient!
    Maybe it's me, but I was the most impatient person when it came to this story. It took FOREVER to find a partner that was good at perfing, and one that had the patience I lacked. But if you don't have patience, you're just gonna get mad and fail everytime.

    #2. Get used to the same song
    Once you find that chainy, slow song, you will not want to change it. So experiment with music, ask people in the room for requests, and have fun hearing the same thing over and over again
    Songs that I used for my story:
    Let's Start It - 99 BPM
    I cannot abandon it - 84 BPM (The best one for me personally. Played at least 6 times)
    Canon Groove - 105 BPM

    #3. TALK!!
    I'm not saying talk constantly, because you need to focus! But start a conversation with the people that are in the room before you start, and especially with your partner. From doing this, It made it go by a lot faster, and I made tons new friends.

    Oooh my favorite part I had lots of people come and go, and one that stuck around through the whole story! Like I told them, this story was a blessing in disguise, because it did help me socialize and learn that there are really nice people in the game

    Leyah - Stuck with me through soooo many fails and success! Very nice, 10/10 recommend talking to her in game
    Adorably - Was my partner for my last 8 games! And it took waaay more than 8 to get finished. I owe her one!
    - Friend in the fam, was awesome meeting him. Pretty funny guy
    - Awesome fashion style, and was very patient with the fails LOL
    VenomouS~ & PoisonouS
    - Made a room for me and stayed until I had to leave. Thank you both!

    ~The point of this post?~
    literally there's no point, I was just very proud of this community and I love all of you sm, because i actually thought this community was the worst at one point, and the kindness from these people actually was amazing
    I may not be an audi pro, and can provide actual useful tips, but I want to do as much as I can


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    Congrats !

    daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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        diz is so wholesome
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          aww sweetboi, you are indeed a sweet boi


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            Aww y'all are so sweet (': <3


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              This was actually one of the cutest things I've read in a while. LOL

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