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Jakups words for 2018

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  • Jakups words for 2018

    First of all i wish everyone a happy new year, stay healthy and be a good person!*

    This post is directed towards to the Community and the higher ups!
    I am happy to see about the set of the Gamé Masters and the Community Agents.
    Even when i am a Community Agent too i would to say thank you to each person who keep try to make this Game better and better.
    Even the Community is a bias too on this moment since you are getting more understandable and understandable.
    For 2018 i planed my best and i think the another CA / GMS think the same to make this game better and better.
    I wanted to say thank you for certain people who are giving the best to make the Game great again.

    What i can tell you about Mr. Headlights is that he is a bias on this Game who tries HIS best to make this Game to a great dance floor.
    You should watch his bias live streams on Facebook when he is streaming. He is so cute.

    I love literally her well dance moves for the audition dance battle event. SO WOW bring me out to mcdonalds thx!!
    I can say the same about as for mr headlights

    The same goes for you too!!!!

    Please stay the same as you have been the whole-time.
    They are the true bias in Redbana Audition and i am happy about these people who listen to us and try their best to improve the Game Service.

    Now to the BIAS CA´s

    He is really to good for this Game.
    His nice words and his pretty Guides. He is literally a god for being a Community Agent and i am happy to work on his side. He and Shae are like senpais for me and it make so
    happy that they are being a Community Agent for this Game.

    Shae Daisy
    You three are like butterflies in this Game who keep give their best with ton of Events and guide stuff to improve this Game too,

    I am so happy to work with you too since you are doing a lot for this Game.
    Please stay the same and be a good girl ok!!


    Even i need to say thank you for the Community too.
    Most of you guys are understandable person who know that we are give the best
    to make this Game better in the next months.
    I promise you, we are doing the best to make the Game great.
    And trust me. You will love it what will come in the next time.
    But i will dont say anything.
    You guys should just be patient in this moment and you will see that everything will run like a butterfly.

    *All words are not official and does only include my personal minds and thoughts about everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for each person what i included on this Post and i just want to make them clear that youre great everyone and that the Community see that everyone does their best to improve the Game.
    I wish everyone like i said at the start of this post a happy new year, stay healthy dont bully so much ( or dont even bully ) people on this Game because in our hearts everyone is a bias on this Game.
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    Nice words!