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  • Challenger Tournament

    Hey guys!

    Since this function was released long time ago in KAU (Korean Audition), I'd like to explain to you all about the Challenger Tournament.
    I really enjoyed it when I first played KAU. Everyone was fighting to be the leader of the team which is actually really fun. I hope Redbana can add this function to the game soon !

    While waiting in the lobby as you can see you have 3 different teams:
    Burnout, Soul and Crazy

    After playing the first round (random mode and song) they will give you a random team. The player who got the highest score of the team will be the leader and some players who gained higher scores than the rest of the team will be the ACE(s) of the team.

    In round 2-6 there will be one or two players of the team to fight against the other teams.

    Your team will earn the points together. The points depend on your place after each round.

    In the end the points of the winning team will show up and also the 1st player of the teams.

    Every member of the winning team will receive a medal for 24 hours.


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    I HATE THIS MODE ALREADY. Jk I just suck.

    daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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      I don't want to have to carry my feeding teammates in audition dance battle online too, please, don't ruin my online dancer experience.


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        I see this mode for the first time ^-^
        Looks fun!

        Kindly Regards


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          Challenger tournament is FUNNNNN! I love the plot twists of 1st place team in between games. Challenger would be a great substitute for team tournament to be honest. +1


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            I hope we will also get it soon. I know it also from KAU and it's really nice!!!


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              i hope that redbana can get this tournament before 2k20 :B

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              Walking with you<3
              Yag / FC


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                LOL this actually looks pretty fun. Hopefully Redbana can add it soon. :3

                Anu 30 Fill Heika + Kidus
                ♥​ Genuine + Gambino ♥​