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Help me I'm bored!

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  • Help me I'm bored!

    I'm staying in Williamsburg, VA and I'm not from around here... I'm curious if there's anything I can do that's not terribly boring. Or dangerous..

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    Move to another state


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      I'm just visiting. I live in Georgia lol.


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        There's a beach in Virginia. Jk it's too cold LOL. Look at memes instead :^))

        The more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become...


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          Seems like the visit to Virgina is a minor trip
          Doesn't seem like many players from there are here atm.
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            Go to Potomac Mills Mall! It's huge as hell and the largest outlet mall in Virginia, and they have a AMC theater by it . It might be too cold but Busch Gardens is a good amusement park. Kings Dominion amusement is alright but it's sketch in a few areas lol. Stop by a Wawa gas station and try a smoothie ! If you're lucky and you find a Krispy Kreme donught shop , GO GET ONE LOL. They also have a Giants there as well, they have pretty good frozen pizzas .

            I always pass through it going up north since I'm in North Carolina . It's a good place to visit so hopefully you make the most of it but the mall is a definite go to if you're near it.


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              I was visiting my ex fiance. I had to be present for a pysch exam he had for the Marines. I actually drove around(and got lost...) And it was a nice little town tho. I'm heading home right now. >Driving through NC and SC because I want to