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Best PC to play audi with?

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  • Best PC to play audi with?

    It┤s christmas time and I was thinking of buying myself a new desktop pc to play audi at high fps (140-160+) full room
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    Maybe you can have that with i7 4790k (win7) but I'm not sure.
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      Maybe you can get a life and stop playing this game.
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        Or that ^
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            You don't need a 4770k or 6700K (Like mine overclocked @4.5GHz) with GTX 1060 (vsync off)
            Audition FPS is capped at 200 FPS. And let me tell you, you won't benefit for fast CPU for Audition

            Even with my specs, I couldn't reach Solid 170 FPS with Windows 10... Only windows 7 will get you better fps because the bitrate sampling in Windows 7 is 16BIT, While Windows 8, or above is forced at 32Bit .

            You would only need, say if you wanna build a PC or just wanna buy prebuilt, I recommend at least Intel i5 6400, or even Intel i5 6500, (Don't bother with Dual Core, and 4 Threads nonsense)
            and NVIDIA 1050, 1050Ti (For future proof if you play other casual games.) Or just get NVIDIA GTX 750Ti if you really only play Audition.
            8GB of RAM is good enough for games (However if you have so many chrome tabs open with Audi, go ahead with 16GB lol) *Chrome uses 3GB of ram with so much tabs wtf.
            SSD is optional for Audition as it 100% eliminates spacelag. (Or just use ramdisk if you have 16GB)

            Or if you wanna go full beast mode, just use my build as reference lol..

            FPS in Windows 10: 190~195 solo, 160~170 Full room (No Background)
            FPS in Windows 7: 200 up to 3 people, ~190 Full room (No Background)
            Note: Windows will stop supplying security patches for Windows 7 if you have Skylake.
            It will still be compatible, just without Windows Update
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              4.5GHz? That means if you could possibly have a i5 2500k OC to 4.5GHz and the i5 3570k OC to 4.6Ghz and get 200FPS.
              That's actually not bad lol.
              The i7 2600k is also a good CPU as well then. OC to 4.8GHz.
              These are some good lower budget CPUs.

              For i5 though today, I would start with the i5 6600k or i7 6700k. Newest skylake processors. Although you might need different motherboard since things like the i7 6700k are compatible only with LGA 1151 and not LGA 1155.

              You need to remember what your motherboard and CPU can handle though. You might be able to Overclock it more or less.

              Always get the K version since it's unlocked. You're best off getting the GTX 1050Ti+ or the RX 480+.
              Personally for GPU I would go with the minimum of GTX 1060 as it pretty much get's the standard 1080p 60FPS for gaming with barely any compromises.
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                got amd a6 w r4 graphics an hp for 290$ had windows 10, downgraded it by usb to win 7, installed drivers plus directx nd c++ etc, ran ati tray tools, overclocked it, solid 180

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              Can i reach a solid 100+ in full room with a AMD A8-6410 radeon r5?

              kinda in a low budget lol...
              note: it has 6 gb ram for some reason ???
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              • Printemps
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                Don't get the current AMD .. it's rlly Bad You see, having 9999 cores with 9999GHz doesn't make it faster compared to intel Quadcore.. Even dual core .... But if you can wait for AMD Zen. Pls do so. What's your Budget $?
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                I'll give a little of my experience of AMD.
                The drivers. They drove me insane.