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Compiled list of EXP Bonuses in game?

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  • Compiled list of EXP Bonuses in game?

    Can anyone make a list please? Thanks!
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    Here you go! lol

    Guitar Controller Bonus' can only be obtained by plugging in a Audition Guitar Controller.Players in the gaming room will get the exp bonus other than the person owning the guitar.
    Event server is only availible when GMS enable it to the server.
    The Mandrake bonus depends on how well you take care of it. Make sure you follow the time range for each step to have the highest chance of earing the highest amount of experience! Click here to see the chart!

    More information on how to get
    Team Bonus
    Master Score Bonus
    Mandrake Bonus
    (credits go to tr848)

    You can also CALCULATE the EXP you can earn per game and the EXP requirements on Audifan by >clicking here<
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      no problem ^_^ LOL
      gl spammin B)

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      Random sorry I just had a question, for the mandrake chart is it like ''every 9 hrs'' or ''every 18 hours'' check on it for that required action?

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      Kunts It's okay LOL. The normal wait time they set up was every 9 hours.But for me personally ,it's always been jumbled around. I took the chart as a list of x commands that either reset or changed to a new set of commands at 12AM EST, when most things reset on the server OR whenever you bought the mandrake.
      Take the Child Level for example
      Assuming the that specific timer would "start/reset" at 12AM
      9 hours - 9AM Read
      9 hours (18) - 6PM Play piano
      9 hours (27) -3AM Give Snack
      9 Hours (36- 9AM Put to bed
      9 Hours (45)- 6PM Bathing.
      I'd assume if you did all that on time and had to wait till 9AM the following day to see a new command then yeah (6PM-9AM) would be the only time you'd wait for 15 hours, but that's never happened to me LOL. Otherwise, if it didn't depend a 12AM reset, you'd just continue to check it at 3AM (9 hours later) and so on.
      When I followed this there were times when the commands were delayed or multiple commands stacked onto each other 4-6 hours after doing a previous command. And this happened for every . single. baby. LOL . !_! Personally I would just check your mandrake anytime you garden to make it easier on you. It doesn't require as much care as garden does and it only gets sick if you don't do anything to it within 18-24 hours. I know some users out there actually tried to keep track of when commands come up but I don't think it's too much to worry about. But if the chart is on time for you , let me know because envious LOL o_o"
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    i'm still wondering why shae isn't community agent?
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      ^^^^^^ Same ****ing question. Why?

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      Because someone has to be the community