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40 New Outfits! <~8~@

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  • 40 New Outfits! <~8~@

    You heard me right. That's forty, FORTY (Cuarenta!) outfits that I put together in this accursed game that I can't quit despite all the shade I've thrown at it. Sigh... Anyway, with this amount I have finally broken my record of 200! WOO! I didn't number them, though, because I lost track and I can't be bothered to go back and recount on my Photobucket account so don't judge me.

    Cue ambience music (press play)!

    And now for the outfits (with descriptions from left to right):

    Pretty in Paisley: I love lace and now that there's an abundance of lace dresses, it is mandatory for me to wear them all unless they suck. Shoes match the thin waist belt perfectly. Don't ask me what the decoration on them is because I can't tell either.

    Chocolate Macchiato: The first of many sets featuring some type of pannyhose, stockings, etc. that you will see in this compilation. The reason? Because I wanted to use the shoes on all of them. These particular stockings have a small ribbon pattern. :3

    Black Tie Oreo: The name is random but fitting for this black and white look, but then I looked it up online and found this really cute picture of these cookies. Click here. SO CUTE, right?! This is also one of the rare times you'll see me sporting a hat.

    Carousel Ride: I love the patterns and the colors remind me of cotton candy. The simple pumps and messy curls work so well together with the dress. I can totally see my character on a carnival date in this.

    Upper East Side: The jacket is everything. From furry cuffs to a lacy neckline and (though you can’t see it because of the angle) it comes with a flower ring on the index finger. It’s very versatile. The shoes, though, come with these stupid anklets so I deliberately put the pants on to cover them up.

    Flower Child: This dress makes me feel like I’m wearing a really pastel Monet painting and I’m so down for that. The shoes have this baby pink and powder blue jewel decoration on the toe box and match nicely.

    Marshmallow Chick: I put this together just because the headband matched the blouse. Lol I could’ve added matching shoes but I don’t believe in flats so I kept it simple with neutral shorts and nude heels.

    Cozy By The Fireplace: I’ve been wanting to wear this hair for a long time so I decided it would pair best with this fun fall/winter-ish outfit that I can see being worn indoors. Would wear it with glossy cinnamon colored lipstick.

    Red Velveteen: Here we have red and white in what looks like smooth and shiny satin which looks so elegant. I love the matching gold accents on the waist and hair accessories. I picked matching shoes with flowers on the side for added fun.

    Lambent Lagoon: The shades of blue on both the dress and the shoes are gorgeous. The hair was a no brainer since it came with matching earrings and the soft curls work well with the overall look. Loves it.

    German Chocolate Cake: The name given to this look is very fitting based on the color palette (and it’s my favorite dessert too). The hair is secured into a half updo by a jeweled hair pin in the back. Adding black lace, peep-toe heels to this dress just raises the adorableness meter.

    New Year’s Glam: The shoes are a real pain in the *** to match with anything. If you look REAL close, they are soft glittery pink but from afar they’re like an ombre lilac and hardly worked with anything except this hairstyle featuring this shiny hair accessory. So to keep my sanity, I chose that with a simple black dress and moved on.

    Evergreen: How do I justify this look…LOL Besides wanting the shoes, the stockings remind me of the Miniskirt music video by AOA. However, they come attached to these Fugly bubble shorts and this dress, while meh, is the only thing that will cover them up completely with NO overlap. The hair compliments it and it’s a nice shade of green so I’m keeping it. :X

    Amplified Fuchsia: The shoes match perfectly. The pants seem to be made of leather which give this look the extra edge it needs especially being paired with the choppy bangs. This is a good non-skimpy outfit great for clubbing.

    Dressed Up In Love: The shoes and the dress already belonged together, but I decided to put my own spin on it by adding this fun hairstyle. I love the curl pattern and the hair comes with gold, heart shaped earrings with red jewels in them which match perfectly. It’s much better this way. :P

    Frosted Pearl: This dress walks the fine line between prom, a wedding, and any other special event a white dress is involved in. However, I don’t give a damn and will wear white because I want to. –snaps fingers- I chose the shoes to offset the fancy/delicate look of everything else and it looks like it’s working.

    Beach Blonde: You may have seen me feature these shoes before but I dissolved that outfit as I ended up not liking it. Anyway, when it comes to me, I don’t like showing the midriff. It’s just personal preference and I would normally draw the line there. Yet after noticing the bralette top and the printed pants, I thought why the hell not? So I paired the clothes with the shoes and some bouncy curls and got this really fun looking outfit. I like it so it stays.

    Queen Bee: Those shoes are Hot. I always loved the Mean Girls look of simple tops with miniskirts and high heels. This would be a more modernized version of that look with a big, sparkly bib necklace. I heard 2004 called saying they wanted their outfit back and I was like “"Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”"

    Freakum Dress: The hair has matching stars haped earrings and…just watch the damn music video. No further explanation needed.

    Sizzling Summer: I found it odd how orange and blue are respective complementary colors but it just works. Either way, this risqué dress is old as hell and more than likely people have used it in combination with the shoes but I don’t care. I’ll just wear it with cascading brown locks on the side to fit my style.

    Bold Baubles: Due to the majority of the items not being properly labeled and different servers varying in mall content, I was unable to find what shoes belonged to this set. Yet, I settled for the next best option which is these matching fuzzy boots. This outfit is really flashy and Idk what occasion it belongs to but I’ll wear it anyway. Excuse the manly pose.

    Checkered Charm: Rare hat sighting #2. This dress is bright and funky and I'm so glad that I was able to find a hat that doesn't float over the head or make it huge like most of them do. Bonus points for cute, matching earrings and shoes.

    Chanel #7: I'm looking sharp in this demure but still killer outfit. When wearing this look, I refuse to walk with my crew in a triad formation like a bunch of hobos. If anyone thinks I'm gonna lose social standing in Kappa Kappa Tau, it'll be over my avatar's rich, hot, dead body.

    Bejeweled Rose: I always wanted to wear the dress but didn't out of fear of it being too much. Now, though, I found the shoes and the colors of the straps match the bandeaux bra. Also, the fact that I can look sexy with a short low pony with blunt bangs. ;D
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    ~Ms. Rosie

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    Dark Truffle: To use the shoes, I have to deal with that annoying pencil skirt. The problem being it has a brown belt that overlaps with everything and also sticks out at a weird angle. Thankfully I found this top and hair to balance everything out. Feel so artsy and stuff.

    Simplicity: It used to bother me how simple this looked as there's clearly no jewelry or any decoration. Yet once I added the shoes, I didn't want to interrupt said simpleness. So I finished it off by adding this cute colored pixie cut for that slight tomboyish look.

    Feel of the Night: I look ready to move to some salsa music with my little DWTS outfit. Love the look of pixie cut bangs adorned with a headband and the studs match the top. Ballroom mode appropriate.

    Daytime Dog Park Realness: I'm really not a fan of oxford shoes. Yet, these match the outfit perfectly and, to compensate, are peep-toes made of lace with a heel. To make the outfit look more like Rosie, I capped it off with this soft, ashy blonde hair and matching green earrings. P.S. I'll walk your pooch for a small hourly fee. Treats and fetch toys are extra.

    Raspberry Licorice: This hair is So. Cute. You may be wondering why I chose these shoes. If you zoom in on the neckline of the dress, it has these little rhinestones embedded into it and some of them match the shoes in color. Neat, right?

    Boo Boo Kitty: I'm gonna rule the music business in this HBIC ensemble. It's clean and professional with the right touches of flirty. The name is inspired by Anika's character from Empire and the petty nickname Cookie gave her. xD

    Ma Belle Cherry: I like the cut of this dress and been wanting to use for it a long time. However like the Bold Baubles outfit, I could not find the shoes that originally belonged to this set so I went with these magenta ones. Yes, I'm aware that you can see the division in the stocking but Idgaf in this case as there's no way around it. Kay? Kay.

    Just Peachy: Sometimes, you have to make compromises. In this case in order for me to wear cute leopard print pumps, I have to tolerate that ugly *** bubble skirt. I then added the soft honey blonde waves and the cute cardigan to further soften everything up.

    Tea & Biscuits: I just love the elegant print pattern on the skirt. It reminds me of Ever After High. This particular set has a couple different shoes that work with the stockings for some reason. I decided to choose these gold cap-toe ones to make it more stylish while the side swept hair makes it look more inviting.

    Tricolor Trailblazer: As you can see, this double bun hairstyle has cute, blue heart-shaped earrings. After a long time, I can finally use it with this dress as it has a matching pendant. That plus the shoes help complete the total look.

    Mademoiselle Sophistiquée: Rare hat sighting #3. The mall already has these shoes in gold so I naturally wanted these ones as well. However, they're attached to this super conservative *** outfit which can look pretty boring pretty quickly. So to alleviate that, I added the auburn hair which comes with a hat matching the sleeves to perk it the hell up.

    Monochrome Maiden: ** I modified a really old outfit of mine in order to obtain this look. I look so chic and I'm loving the bow accents from head to toe. I'm just ready to start waltzing all across the ballroom floor with anyone at any moment.

    Pink Boss Lady: There's baby pink and ruffles and bows. What's not to like? I had to be extra careful when choosing the hair as everything would look too overdone. So loose auburn curls it is.

    Night At The Opera: Tout ce qui chante et résonne with yet another old *** dress that I would normally wear when attending people's Weddings or Love Parties. However, it wasn't an official outfit until now when I found these perfectly matching, burgundy pumps. It's like classic glam balanced out with a simple bobcut.

    Pleasantly Posh: Personally, I find the jackets in this outfit and the one beside it to be so stylish. They're like effortlessly expensive looking. I put on the skirt to simulate a dress being underneath and slid on some gold pumps to complement the gold trimming/cuff things on the jacket itself.

    Lastingly Lavish: Same concept as the previous outfit although it was admittedly harder to find a skirt to slip underneath as this jacket can easily look like a flared up umbrella at the hem portion. Updo is more elaborate and the heels are skinnier for more contrast.

    **Note: This is the outfit that I modified to obtain the Monochrome Maiden outfit.

    I call the new look:

    Tank Girl: Lol Idk with these names anymore. The original look was random with the miniskirt and the cutesy heels so I changed it for leather boots that matched the jacket. That and the pants amped up the hardcore girl element.

    PHEW! That was a lot of writing but I know some of you like it when I talk about the outfits so there you have.

    As always, faces are not counted as part of my outfits. Rate and comment if you wish and let me know which ones were your faves. Thank you.
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    ~Ms. Rosie


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        When you like one of these outfits and want to get it for yourself and see there's no option to buy the clothes for indef .
        Caterina | Special Master | Mercy


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          Originally posted by Caterinaa View Post
          When you like one of these outfits and want to get it for yourself and see there's no option to buy the clothes for indef .

          Story of my life. Lol
          ~Ms. Rosie


          • Caterinaa
            Caterinaa commented
            Editing a comment
            Indef!!! for a limited time only; all clothes and accessories

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          Seriously Rosi! Your outfits need to be featured in the game somewhere, like in the suggestions part of the mall. Because WOW! Those are some seriously amazing outfits. They don't even look like they are in the game. Great job
          Thanks to Aria~ for the great Siggy


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            I like this Outfits!

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              Are you telling me you've been in game, and haven't TOLD ME????
              I always love your outfits, I might need to borrow some.


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                Nice even gave each one a name!

                I like Dressed up in love ,Checkered Charm, Booboo kitty and tea and biscuits
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                  It's hard to believe there are still veterans out there that still puts efforts onto this game. I had a weird moment of nostalgia browsing through each of the outfits because it has honestly been awhile since anyone actually put so much effort into making a outfit thread.

                  Theyre all beautiful and well crafted btw.
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                    ooo 9th n 10th look so catchy
                    but does rb have those clothes tho


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                      Nice stuff! Red Velveteen looks really festive.