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"Gold Digger" couple style outfits!

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  • "Gold Digger" couple style outfits!


    Comment/Rate this outfit! I feel that I could do better when it comes to the girls' hair but I'm not sure if I should change anything else.
    Girls literally have no green pants in the mall other than these but I might go back and change a few items if I see anything.
    I would indef it, but not all the items in the outfit(s) are indefinite yet :c .
    Wanted to keep the theme of green and gold ! Adding the shovel ties it all together hehe . *_*
    I was actually listening to gold digger at some point while making this LOL

    If you're an OG, this reminds me of the one couple, Money And Power (Joey and Ashley) because of the IGNs! LOLLL *_* . They were so awesome.
    I dont know if anyone remembers but I used to go all out in this thread with ''glamour shots'' of couple final couple outfits and go into depth LOL.
    I kinda want to start again but I feel like my outfits are so vanilla now. :I !
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    The guy's outfit i really like, 10/10 but I don't like the female outfit that much.. I think the space between top and bottom bothers me too much lmao! I wish there was a better green pants :c

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      LOL Yeah! I saw some cute high waist shorts and pants that would go perf with it on KAU, but not on this server :c

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    the girl doesn't look like a gold digger, she just looks like a ho
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      It's the shoes aint it LOL O.O ! ! !

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      Random kinda tbh

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    Even though it's not part of the outfit, the facial expressions ruin it for me so I can't even judge the outfit.