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Which restaurant has the best FREE bread?????

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  • Which restaurant has the best FREE bread?????

    Everything says it in the title. I got the question from watching this video

    I personally think Outback Steakhouse's Honey Wheat bread is the best! My group and I destroy like 5 rolls. It's got that sweetness that I like, and I only get it when I go there *_*. I'd really only eat it by itself or with butter. I'm not really a fan of garlic so s: LOL

    Where is the best place to get free bread to you ? It doesn't have to be from the ones listed in the video, but it has to be the bread you get for free when you're seated at a restaurant. If you're gluten-free or don't go out to eat, what's your favorite type/brand of bread ?

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    red lobster and i refuse to accept any other answer
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      All American Steakhouse has really interesting sweet bread, it's usually super fresh out of the oven and really softy and fluffy.

      BUT REAL TALK. Chima/any brazilian steakhouse type restaurant with pao de queijo? NO ****ING CONTEST.

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        If its just the bread & no butter I'd go with Red Lobster, otherwise Texas Roadhouse's rolls with their cinnamon butter is tooo goood :Q


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          im hungry now..
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            Lala's argentine grill serves the best with the sauce as well


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              agreed lala's argentine grill serves the best free bread with the sauce as well