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  • When Rosie met RaveWolf (IRL)

    Last week, I was on vacation in Portland, Oregon visiting a friend. On Tuesday, I was out in the International Rose Garden and uploaded a selfie on Facebook. Josh then messaged me wanting to hang out for Thursday but it had to be postponed until Friday because my *** just had to get sick in the middle of my vacation. Anyway Friday came and Josh came to pick me up. I gave him a hug because we’ve known of each other for like 8 years through this game. We then walked through town to get to a vegan restaurant called Loving Hut (I told him I’m trying to avoid eating animal products). Gurl, it was a struggle walking outside in the sun while recovering from a cold but we reached the restaurant and had a nice little chat reminiscing our times playing Audi. It was cute. I had vegetable soup to aid my recovery and he had a Hawaiian style hamburger and was amazed at how good his food tasted.

    We then went to the Japanese Garden (opposite the rose one) and he was mad that we couldn’t find a parking space until going really far down the hill. Lol It was another struggle going all the way up the hill to the garden but once we reached it was so beautiful and so simple. It even had a cute koi fish pond area with a little waterfall that we hung out around for a while. The fish were HUGE! I even bought a cute little bookmark at one of the gift shops. Josh bought an adorable rose tea cup from the rose garden git shop along with some other stuff.

    After that, Josh took me to another vegan restaurant for dinner called Homegrown Smoker and the food there was delicious. I ordered a California (soy) chicken sandwich that had honey mustard and slaw in it with these really tasty fries. Josh ordered these really realistic looking buffalo wings that came with carrots, celery and ranch. It was fascinating to look at them because they’re made out of soy protein and the bone is actually a piece of sugar cane. The restaurant even gave us a complimentary marshmallow and chocolate cupcake to share and it was delicious!

    Josh and I kept talking about life and Audi through dinner all the way back to my friend’s place where he dropped me off and we took a selfie together:

    Excuse muh double chin.

    Anyway, just felt like sharing. The end. :3
    ~Ms. Rosie

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