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Life Rotation of Old Players coming back to Audition Online Dance Battle

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    IGN: BluRey | Couple: VHJes | FAM: Prestige


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      IGN: BluRey | Couple: VHJes | FAM: Prestige


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        is it ironic that i made this thread and played actively for a year now

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          I'm on step 2. I contemplated step 3 for about 5 seconds before coming to my senses. Bet I could still win a bu tourney tho


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            Hard to beat a perfect score :^(

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          Originally posted by Ruby View Post
          1. Experience mid-life crisis or terrible events to want to relive young youthful naive childhood again
          2.. Sift through forums that were decades ago through this terrible terrible forum layout and reminisce the old days of conversation/drama/topic of said thread
          3. Logs onto Audition
          4. Repulsed by the beat outfit that you're not used to but no choice because this server only offers TIMED outfits
          4.(ALTERNATIVE) Have cash indefinietes you regret because style has changed in 2016 and you no longer like what you brought or can even bear to wear
          5. Friends = 0 and maybe 2 afks of people you rarely even know anymore or don't talk to
          6. Tries to play some games, COOL COOL COOL GREAT ONE PERFECT. Wow you're getting crapped on by someone you would've beaten if you were that teen again
          7. 3 rooms and 10 locked when trying an easier room or your mode that got you to love that game
          8. There is none. Have fun playing cc4.
          8,. One of the games you experience hackers
          9. Feeling desperate
          10. awkwardly message old friends to get on and play with you
          11. They say yes? you play for 5 games awkwardly then get bored and get off, or they say no and you just get off
          12. Realize how crappy this game is and how much you actually wasted your childhood investing your game and voicing your output on how to improve game when you realize that it was laughable that you tried.
          13. Quit again
          14.Make this thread and circle jerk with other old players


          lol, love the list. yup, i tried playing audition again just last year, but when 9/10 rooms were locked and the only room i could get into kept raging at me in foreign language and repeat booting me, i just gave up.
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            honestly I'm surprised the server/forum is still running at all