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Life Rotation of Old Players coming back to Audition Online Dance Battle

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    Guitar only pls.


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      Originally posted by HellQueen3 View Post
      I did a charity stream and played Audition because I was bored and had nothing else to play. I got 2,000 viewers, pretty sure more people watched me play the game than people actually playing the game. That was over a year ago, haven't touched it since... I quit pretty much after I quit being a CA and haven't ever really looked back.
      just wanna let you know youre still the worst CA to touch this game
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        hahaha me af : (


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          I can't even remember my account info

          { POOH THE }


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            2 => fin. I guess that would be my cycle. Hopefully everyone is doing great!
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            • Lindt
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              You should really think of coming back alejo!

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            I'm always down for a quality circle jerk with old friends
            you remind me of my bimmer

            Gore 🌴

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              Originally posted by ex crimson leader View Post

              i had a random urge to pop up and say what's good
              hello Mikee former crimson leader nice to see u here


              Currently inactive #college



              • Mikee
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                lol hi guys

              • Random
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                mike bumpin old threads ! LOL \o/ hello hello

              • Mikee
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                hi shaeeeeee xoxoxoxox SUCH A LONG TIMEEE

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              does anyone here even know me
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              • Oat
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                are u surprised that i’m actually still here

              • Austin
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                everyone still lurks tbh

              • MasterPogi
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                iunno i've completely stopped lurking here lmao. i just checked in cause i installed chrome on a new pc and i saw this forum's bookmark.

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              OG till the death of me.

              ~The olden days were the best days~
              Level: 21 forever.


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                miss harassing strangers on this
                Hi I'm Andro [x
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                  Jesus, it's been a while. The list by Ruby is pretty darn accurate.

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                  • Ruby
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                    i feel bad since i actually invest so much in the game now...

                    this thread is like 2 years old O__O

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                  I go back to it from time to time when I feel like playing. I don't stay for as long as I used to back in the day though. I'm doing that with a couple of other games and hobbies too.


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                    This thread gets updated as randomly as we start the cycle again.
                    I haven't really met you Star, and this may be random

                    But you are so adorable and you're like one of the forumers I envy because you're always so nice.
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                      I miss farming brbp for beats just because that was the only mode I could have a chance on.

                      And then I discovered couple garden and went so ham on that I sent timers and min-maxed the crap out of it.
                      Austiin Neverland


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                        Haha #6 is exactly what happened to me yesterday when I tried to play again for the first time in 4 years...