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  • I need to vent

    I am so ****ing pissed. I live in an apartment building and I waited 4 hours outside for the person to come and deliver the package. He doesn't show so I go to my apartment and I go to "Track Your Package", two hours later. It says it was delivered between that hour that I was gone, but I had to go to the bank. During that time, somebody must have stolen the package or the ****ing idiot delivery man gave it to someone. It says it was giving to "FrontDoor" meaning outside where ANYBODY can take it. I am so ****ING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to my super at 10:20 PM right after I found out it was stolen and I heard someone checking the peep hole and didn't answer. It had to be his wife. I said "This is an emergency. Our package was stolen. I need the super to check the cameras to see who stole it. If it was an outsider or someone who lives in the apartment." They still didn't answer!!! So I'm going tomorrow morning at 7 at the super's apartment before Click image for larger version

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ID:	18253 the super leaves for work. I hate thieves. I am so ****ing pissed I want to just beat the **** out of someone.

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    What's the company's name of the package delivery??


    • Jennyfur.
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      Idk but some companies like USPS or UPS will often say they delivered the package when they didn't. It could mean many things; one possible thing it could mean is they didn't have enough time to deliver your package before their shift end. Which is why they don't want to show their manager that they couldn't deliver it in time so they mark it as delivered instead.

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    Originally posted by Jennyfur. View Post
    What's the company's name of the package delivery??

    I contacted them too.


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      I had this happen a few times actually since I order so much **** online lol

      If it's a package with something you purchased, you can try contacting the seller to see if they'll negotiate with your loss

      When something like this happens it's usually from the delivery guy going to the wrong time I had my iPhone shipped and go missing and I took an educated guess to go ask my neighbor if they received anything and they did lol

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