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Reading Manga over Sleep?

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  • Reading Manga over Sleep?

    Am I just that only nerdy person that stays up well into the wee hours of the night reading manga...Even though I have work and school the next day- Or is that totally normal lol.

    Anyway, I have finished what Manga I have and was wondering what are some good manga to keep the bags under my eyes? My insomnia is such a bother but Manga, Anime, and Games are a large contributor. I love romance, mature, smut, drama, Girl is saved by guy, Vampire, or she was nerdy becomes a beautiful girl, or she is popular and secretly nerdy. Which ever lol. Just any of those categories!

    Let me know...

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    Assassination Classroom
    7 deadly sins
    Dengeki Daisy
    Kaichou wa Maid Sama

    Ermm I dunno if it will fit your categories tho


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    world trigger
    Acceleration | Pumpking


    • JessyGirl
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      I will look into them for sure!

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    Maybe u can try these mangas.

    Kamisama Kiss
    Love Com or Come (I forgot :P)
    uh thats all I can remember for now.


    • JessyGirl
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      Ooo I like Kamisama Kiss! I have read it before and totally adore it!

    • Addition and Subtraction
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      JessyGirl, it was such a cute funny manga.

    • JessyGirl
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      Couldn't agree more

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    And then when you finish, you have no idea what to do with your life?!? Sighs, I know that feel.
    ...........- N e a ; 71 Genuine


    • JessyGirl
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      I feel like a lamb who lost her flock >.

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    the things you listed pretty much pointed to the shoujo genre so:

    Taiyou no Ie
    Ao Haru Ride
    Erotic Fairy Tails (there are about 5 of them and they're smut)
    Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi
    Hibi Chouchou
    Koakuma Lion
    Nanoha no Kare
    Romantica Clock
    Seiyuu Ka!
    Mishounen Produce
    Stardust Wink
    Faster Than A Kiss

    are some of the ones id recommend


    • JessyGirl
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      Thank you!

    • ~Kuro
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      No problem If you want more, just PM me or something

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    the last time I read manga was in 9th grade.. Like six years ago lol. But I used to love the romance ones
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    • JessyGirl
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      Honestly I am 22 years old and it is still a secret from my friends! lol. Kept in my closet- in a box- away from prying eyes. lol.

      My nerdy anime/manga loving side rarely shows to my friends.

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    Hmm lemme see.
    Skip Beat
    A devil and her love song
    Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu
    Sig by Addition ~


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      JessyGirl You're not the only one who does that. I do that too. Lol.
      Sometimes I wanna go to sleep early, but every time manga tempts me. I'm always like "Gotta read one manga before I go to sleep." But as you know, that always results into reading more manga.

      A manga I would recommend is Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. There's alot more I would recommend but that was the only one i could remember..(for now)

      Creds to THE one and only Addition~


      • Addition and Subtraction
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        . Wow what time do u sleep after reading the mangas? I read mangas sometimes but after I do that, I usually sleep at like 1. Always feel so tired.

      • JessyGirl
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        Sugahh I will look into them!!

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      I cannot help you with anything but horror.
      Or Negima?! which is ecchi/comedy/adventure. yee.

      Darling & Maestro


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        ​hey...umm senpais! (just a suggestion,but)
        ​why not search for the manga yourself?..(it's a lot of fun finding hidden treasures..)..I suggest reading manhuas too
        ​maybe something good might pop up!
        ​>v>") I read a few good manhuas about horror....maybe you'd like that..=u="
        ​oh and some junji ito~!
        ^u^ those are some good horror mangas!
        eue" I guess...

        .u." I'm normally a happy bright person on the inside... to confuse me for a creep...
        ​^U^)9 big fan of clamp btw~!
        card captor sakura~! yes~!?.......???..... >v>""

        ​well anyways.. don't mind me.....but don't mind me..... TTuTT"
        ​can we be friends on audition please????

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