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    Originally posted by Derp View Post
    Circle lenses look ugly.
    Shuddup nicole (:

    I luv color lense @_@
    Thanks for the childhood.


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      i only like this brand: FreshKon
      i bought a pair from vietnam, the color looks very nice and natural, i used to have a gray pair, but i lose them.
      And those big huge 14.0 mm circle lenses, they r just too much.
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        Originally posted by Gideon View Post
        Your eyes are beautiful the way they are. Don't bother with these dumb lenses.
        I do like my eyes, but I just want them for fun. I'm not going to become obsessed with them. I just want to try them to see if they make a difference.
        Originally posted by Hepatitis C View Post
        Asians and coloured lenses don't go well together.
        -People stare-
        Obvious fake is obvious.
        Only if you get the wrong kinds! [:

        Originally posted by Avant Garde View Post
        y u do dis Krissy?
        Fun. xD
        Originally posted by --baybee View Post
        I have gray&blue geo circle lenses for fun, both non-sub and sub works
        well for your eye I find , maybe hazel would look nice on you Krissy
        im planning to get hazel aswell. I got mines for 25$ with sub and they work
        perfectly fine till 1 year is over if you take care of them well and keep them clean. the brown and turquoise ones look nice and if you want
        to see what blue lookd like I have a pic with the ones I have that are angel kind
        I like the grey ones! I don't want any crazy colors like red, purple, blue, and green.

        Originally posted by iSeraphic View Post

        I have a pair .. but I bought it from Janie. She doesn't sell them anymore ;| So then my friend recommended this site.

        And everyone else already answered your other questions so ;D
        Hah, thank you~!
        Originally posted by ♥Sam View Post

        you're gonna look like a freak if you use circle lenses.

        or even worse, like me. c_c
        Originally posted by RuRuChan View Post
        ^This. ♥ |:
        I like natural eyes. So pretty~
        I like my eyes, I just want to try them. New experience x]
        Originally posted by Campire931 View Post
        You guys are so funny, she asked for info, not opinions. XD <--I like these guys ^^

        I like black/gray ones the best.
        Thank youu~ ^^
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          Originally posted by DlCK View Post
          i think black/grey looks the best.
          don't get too big ones, they'll look creepy.

          site looks cool.
          Oh yeah, I'm definitely not going to get huge ones xD!
          Thanks though! <3_<3
          I think I'll get grey ones.
          I just need to find my box of contacts to check my prescription.
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            I think can have a better choice, I usually buy costumes there!


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              when you necro a thread hard

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              almost 10 years later~~~~

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            8 years ago...

            that **** used to be a fad back then, that and wearing those asian mullets

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              ppl still wear these but just normal sized ones

              ign: Pervert


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                You guys this is from fkn 2010
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