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Audition New Year Concert 2013

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  • Audition New Year Concert 2013

    Happy New Year everyone of you!

    Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I am glad to introduce you the Audition New Year Concert!
    By the very famous Redbana Philharmonix Orchestra!
    They will perform their own orchestral versions of a selection of joyful Audition songs.
    Please find a seat and enjoy the free concert in Audition Town Hall!
    I hope you'll enjoy and be in a happy mood for this new year.

    To the Redbana staff members, keep being as much dedicated as you already were last year.
    To the Audition community members, keep that forum as alive as you're doing now.
    Big thanks to my 'beta' listeners Yo~ and CherBear, not only for their helpful comments but also for their great warm and friendly support!


    STEP 1 : Now the concert will begin, please turn off your phones and enjoy! ^^
    I made extra drawings just for it! Some are funnier and you'll even see how to horse dance while playing the guitar... With style! :P


    STEP2 : I thank you, you've been such a great audience! Oh but before leaving, feel free to take a souvenir of this special evening!

    > DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM (OGG 192kbps) + all the pics [29.2Mb] <

    Overview of most of the extra pics you will find inside.


    This is the program of the night. I haven't given it to you before because you didn't want to pay for it! Stingy!


    1. Beat City
    2. I will be very good to you
    3. Sweetie
    4. You
    5. Interlude - Gloomy March
    6. Lookie Lookie
    7. Beautiful
    8. Interlude - Magic World ~in the style of The Nutcracker~
    9. You're already gone
    10. Wedding Day
    11. Interlude - Train Rolling Over The Seas When It Rains
    12. Audition (Guitar Mode)
    13. Hengbok Style (Tribute to his epicness! :P)



    It is a relief and a joy to share my musical project with you today. I'm very excited after such a long time I'm working on it. But I'm also terrified of what you would think of it.

    I've spent countless hours over the span of a month, arranging the music. I started in the first days of december 2012. I wished I had more energy to play few more. That's for the next time!

    I played around 96.4% of the overall (precise number look cool :P). Despite the fact I can play, I'm still a noob at mixing / mastering. Don't expect a crystal clear sound! I tried to do the best I could with the little energy left in me after all those weeks...

    I think the most exciting pieces I worked on were Beat City and Hengbok Style, I was even moving and dancing while playing / recording!

    Once again, I think I wouldn't have made it for today if Yo~ and CherBear weren't there to boost my motivation.

    I thank you for your attention and really, I hope I could make you feel good for this beginning of the year

    Best wishes.

    Don't throw your ticket away, it's a limited collectible item!

    Go and check out some signatures made for the occasion ^^

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    Originally posted by Shoo View Post
    so cute omgggg

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      I SEE PAPA AMG !!!
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        this is just..speechless !!
        it's so perfect and the songs omg i love it *-*
        you're so good.

        - i love ceres, miku, allen, sandy -


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          ;o Amazing <3


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            This is simply awesome..
            A must-sticky thread..


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              I hope you're proud of yourself!


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                omfg, I'm in love with this.

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                  I'm tearing up right now omg!

                  This is wonderful. You're wonderful! ♥
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                    This is amazing!
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                      Wow u r just like perfect


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                        Ohhhh~~ So cute


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                          this is so awesome! goodjob.


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                            amazing! awesome job!
                            Sounds so christmasy, reminds me of those movies where they begin with a snowy scene and someone opening the door. ..
                            Amidst Whilst


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                              that's really talented