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Can anyone create me a Facebook cover photo

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  • Can anyone create me a Facebook cover photo

    Hiii! I want to make a Facebook cover photo, but I want it to be digitally drawn with kawaii designs and stuffs, but I don't know how to draw anything besides stick figures and pie charts
    It could be chibi style or cartoon or illustrative, it doesn't matter. I will accept anything!

    If anyone has free time and is interested, can you reply to this thread? I'll send you my pictures to base the drawings on and more details. I'm shy to post it here
    I can also offer commission for the artist but I'm a poor gal so please don't murder my wallet
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    :^))))). Jk LOL
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      There's also one with jungkook in it but I can't find it ;-;

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    Uhmm, I can help draw for you if it's not too complicated.

    DM me?

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      just did! thank u c: