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What's your favorite music or song?

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  • What's your favorite music or song?

    So What's your favorite song right now? I like Uptown Funk the best because it's so catchy and it keeps me energized.
    ROFL but it's true

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    Snow Halation by Love Live
    It keeps me calm and happy while doing my project LMFAO. q __q


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      LOL Never heard of that song but sounds like an interesting song or music.

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      LMAO its from an anime btw kekeke

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      Ahh nw!

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    for me it's between born hater by epik high & i like you by Got7

    omg uptown funk is so catchy, i try to avoid on the radio because i get so into it
    I'm a born hater.


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      Some songs they should add on Audi:
      Originally posted by KawaiiHonoka View Post
      Welp what else can I say I love music. Music is life and I like variety.
      Backstreet Boys - I want it that way 99 BPM
      EnV - Bloom 130 BPM
      MitiS - Endeavors 170 BPM
      MitiS - Written Emotions 140 BPM
      Zedd - Clarity (Tiesto Remix) 128 BPM
      Alesso - Cool 128 BPM
      Avicii VS Nicky Romero - I could be the one 128 BPM
      System S.F. - Look to the sky 140 BPM (This is really an artist and if you played DDR you know what this is)
      Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I will be here 128 BPM
      Fountains of Wayne - Stacys mom 119 BPM (please remove the crap melodic in fusion songs)
      Mario - Let me love you 94 BPM
      Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls 130 BPM
      NeYo - Give Me Everything Tonight 129 BPM
      NeYo - Miss Independent BPM 86
      NeYo - Because of You BPM 110
      Lady Gaga - Just Dance BPM 119
      Clean Bandit - Rather Be BPM 121
      Chris Brown - Forever BPM 120
      Akon - Smack that BPM 119
      Lil Jon - Get Low BPM 101 (To the window!!!! To the wall!)
      Sean Paul - Temperature BPM 125
      Sean Paul - Get Busy BPM 100
      Taio Cruz - Dynamite BPM 120
      Taio Cruz - 122 BPM
      Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup - We No Speak Americano BPM 126
      Savage Garden - I knew I loved you BPM 85
      Outkast - The way you move BPM 126
      Usher - Yeah BPM 105
      Girls Generation - Genie BPM 100
      Big Bang - Last Farewell BPM 135 (My favorite korean song probably)
      Big Bang - Lie BPM 125 (I really love TOPs voice its sexy)
      Taeyang - Wedding Dress BPM 134
      Taeyang - I need a girl BPM 115
      Daft Punk - One More Time BPM 123
      Michael Jackson - Thriller BPM 118
      Michael Jackson - Beat It BPM 139
      Michael Jackson - Black or White BPM 115

      Shakira - Whenever, Wherever 107 BPM
      ChaCha - Break Your Heart BPM 125
      ChaCha - Gangname Style BPM (Sorry I had to xD)
      ChaCha - Sexy and I know it
      Jive - Right Round

      Savage Garden - I Want You
      Tove Lo - I'm Not on Drugs
      Orange Range - Asterisk (JPOP/RAP)
      Spice Girls - Wannabe
      Aqua - Barbie Girl
      Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams
      BOA - Eat You Up
      Aqua - Dr Jones
      Aqua - Lollipop
      Emenem - Rap God

      Santana - Oye Como Va
      Shakira - My Hips Don't Lie FT Wyclef Jean
      Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Jive)
      Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jive)
      Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Rumba)

      This list will keep updated until I think of more Updated: 4/18/2015 4:44PM PST
      Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - Love Me Harder
      Smash Mouth - All Star
      Will Smith - Men in Black
      Kiesza - Hideaway
      Lilly Wood & The Pr i ck and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C
      Janelle MonŠe, Jidenna - Yoga
      IGN: Nel

      "She may be young but she's the Auditioner we turn to when it was darkest."


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        my fav song & singer.

        Aisha & Sugilite


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          I forgot how lovely his voice is...

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          Soliciting (not) aside. My favorite song right now is https://youtu.be/g5qU7p7yOY8?list=FL...AbTe9fOzX7Z_MQ Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - Love Me Harder

          IGN: Nel

          "She may be young but she's the Auditioner we turn to when it was darkest."


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          I starting to like See you again


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            am i the only one that hates uptown funk


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              why do u hate it? O_o

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              nah you're not alone, i hate it too unfortunately

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            Hmmm I'm currently addicted to

            Leessang - A girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave
            Flo Rida - Once in a lifetime
            BigBang - Bae Bae and Loser
            Marlon Dane - Only One man can


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              days in the west
              Arsyn x Crimson


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                My favorite song:
                There are too many..
                Leesang - A girl who cant break up, the boy who cant leave

                Kana Nishino - Brave heart ; Missing you, Best Friend; Love Story

                Namine Amuro: Fight Together; Baby dont cry; Let me let you go

                Daichi miura
                - It's the right time; The answer; Right now

                Big bang- Lies: Haru haru

                Daesung - Baby don't cry

                Wei PON Wei
                Acceleration | Pumpking


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                I'm addicted to this one..


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                  I'm currently addicted to this song. And every time I answer my exam it comes to my mind and I can't focus.

                  Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer