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Event Server is Now OPEN!!!

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  • Event Server is Now OPEN!!!

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    Yo Auditioneers!

    Since the year is approaching to an end, let's do a countdown--WHILE SPAMMING FOR EXP!
    Because we love you, we're giving it early this year...

    Event Server is now OPEN! Come play with your friends!

    BRB spamming for max level LMAO

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    This event channel with double exp or without?
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    • Neri
      Neri commented
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      I think it's +50%, not sure tho

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    How long will the event channel last for ?


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      Ayeeee !! If anyone is trying to spam, HMU !! IGN: Svm
      IGN: Svm | Lv.75 | CPL: Sum


      • SunnyDoll
        SunnyDoll commented
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        *-* call me if u need standers

      • -Phoxy-
        -Phoxy- commented
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        SunnyDoll lmao, whenever you're ready

      • Daisy
        Daisy commented
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        SunnyDoll -Phoxy- Wanna spam a girl to 21

    • #5
      Can't wait to finish work, come home and start to spam!!!!

      Uhm... mandrake stuck on lvl 4... hope it will be born soon T___T

      Thank you HeadLights :3
      U make us very happy with this!!!!


      • #6
        Gives me less of a reason to play league I guess................... wahoo!
        daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


        • #7
          Naisuuu event!
          Gonna put league on a hold (now that season is over anyways and preseason starts LOL) and lesgo spam

          hmu if anyone needs help (as long as im not too busy with studying )


          • Daisy
            Daisy commented
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            Shirobuta They're actually really easy to understand LOL

          • Shirobuta
            Shirobuta commented
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            Daisy yee but im the type who hates major changes LOL, cuz im too lazy to read them through

          • Daisy
            Daisy commented
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            Shirobuta me too LOL . I haven't looked at everything so I'm literally clueless as to what I'm doing

        • #8
          Yay, finally its my turn to spam max =))))
          btw if someone need 2 standers im ready =))
          but lf > STANDERS too
          ..but only if i have cash
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          • #9
            if anyone wants to spam hmu i have 3 comps

            we'll discuss time/availability :d


            • Jxkup
              Jxkup commented
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            • xLucina
              xLucina commented
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              Lemme join ya, I have 500 x2 n I just wanna get rid of them T.T

            • Daisy
              Daisy commented
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              You are mine

          • #10
            I'm not happy. EXP X2 > 50% EXP


            • #11
              Well, at the start i wasnt happy too because i wasnt prepared xd but you need to see it like this:
              The last event channel was with x2 and that stuff because Redbana had a anniversary.
              Now they gave us the event channel one month before december and i think it will go two months idk.!!


              • #12
                Go go for the MAX!


                • #13
                  Finally jeez these exp cards have been sitting there forever.

                  Hardcore Gamer. IGN: Dva Am I a troll? Sometimes.
                  Maker of Audition Spotify Playlist: https://goo.gl/M3td4v


                  • #14
                    So, since tomorrow is gotta be my last exam
                    before holiday starts (wahoo gotta slay dat last one )
                    im looking for standers who would like to help me to spam exp

                    I dont really have any specific times or days im planning on spamming, so just add me ingame (Shirobuta)
                    or message me your name and I'm gonna hit you up when I need the help

                    Any help (no matter how long you stay) is much appreciated!
                    thankss guys and have a nice day