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    Originally posted by KawaiiHonoka View Post
    I don't know who's actually been hacking before and who hasn't but...
    If you want to avoid accusations, go download Plays Tv or anything like Shadowplay.
    Has all my sessions the last few days and auto records gameplay.
    They call you out but you can prove it.


    This really needs to be a joke, how is shadowplay going to determine if you're hacking or not?
    You are so clueless.
    That's like saying, oh yeah, look at my shadowplay replay while my WWAM is running on the background.

    + points for being recorded on a cybercafe.

    This is my friend's liveplay, this is how you actually record a liveplay, it can be done from your computer, it doesn't matter, but you need to show the start of the game, the task manager, applications, processes, and icons in your lower right corner.
    It's not like if you played one legitimate game means you haven't hacked before, it makes no sense.

    Past hackers care more about the community than current staff anyway so it doesn't really matter LMAO.


    • KawaiiHonoka
      KawaiiHonoka commented
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      Windowed Mode + Privacy control to record desktop. That's how determine on my screen. I'm just suggesting things no need for passive aggressiveness. You can legit see my processes when I play but I'm just saying lmao. Plays.Tv I saw someone's perfect timing not even close to the bar on live gameplay so it's not that useless. Maybe I am clueless for that thought but come on, at least it's brought up a thought lol

      Again I don't know who hacks and who doesn't and I don't care. Not like they're affecting me in my games. I specifically said "I don't know who's actually been hacking before and who hasn't." So yeah, they probably have been hacking every past game of mine LOL. I just play to play with these casual games.

      Side note: People actually pay for that garbage hack crap like WWAM?
      To the people who hack, honestly just go play a single player game or something because you're only making a fool out of yourselves and lying to yourselves. You know who you are.

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    Congratz and goodluck to Redbana :-:
    You make me feel weightless in a world that has become so heavy. ILY!


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      Is it too late to apply because I believe I would be a great asset to the audition community
      ...........- N e a Von ; 69 Genuine


      • `Jas
        `Jas commented
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        Hey I'm in need of assistance from a higher up.... Where the hell do I go to fix my signature, I forgot how forums work.

      • Caterinaa
        Caterinaa commented
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        Top right corner to your name. Drop down menu to user settings -> go to account in one of the horizontal tabs in the next window. Scroll down to find ''edit signature''.
        Last edited by Caterinaa; 10-14-2017, 04:26 AM. Reason: edited* @Daisy

      • Daisy
        Daisy commented
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        LOL ......... HAHAH JAS.

        What Amy said basically but it's under User settings>Account>Edit post signature.

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      Actually I'm quite happy with some of the new CA's. They actually have a knowledge of this game like they know technical, not like some dweeb that doesn't know anything about computer, let alone can't log in Audition.

      CA: *Breaks computer* oh my god how do I fix this I can't log in!!

      Yeah, I wouldn't want that either.

      Last edited by Printemps; 10-13-2017, 11:31 AM.

      I am a leader, not a God. But a Goddess


      • Daisy
        Daisy commented
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        Awkward.... I might not be one of those technical people LOL....

      • Jxkup
        Jxkup commented
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      • Myu
        Myu commented
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        i actually still don't know how to fix space lag/frame stutter so :-)

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      I just came to say helloooooooo!!!

      and congrats guys kbye
      x Zoey x Clef.


      • Random
        Random commented
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        Hey Aisha !

      • Aisha~
        Aisha~ commented
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        Hey beautiful

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      A note to all members on this post being negative and rude:

      People are allowed forgiveness for their wrongdoings, it makes us better people to forgive others for the wrong they have caused us. There are a few of the new additions to CA's who have been shrouded in controversy for years. Ruby I included you only because I have known you on the forums for such a long time as you have always been a large member of the forum community as have I. Ruby may have had her passed arguments and she may have said some things that have caused great offense, but it is no doubt she cares greatly about what goes on within the game. (Otherwise she wouldn't still be here.)

      Also, how can we all stand to say none of us have hacked ever in our lives? On any game. You all need to grow some morals and grow up and forgive others.

      On a positive note:

      Congratulations to the new CA's and I hope some changes can happen within the game and community. Wish you the best of luck.

      Aleigator 71 Oblivion; If I can't move Heaven, I'll raise hell.


      • Ruby
        Ruby commented
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        That's very sweet of you!

        Thank you !

        I believe every CA wants to give their contribution. We're giving up our own free time aside to help make a video game they grew up with to be better and more enjoyable for the community. I think just that idea alone makes everyone an excellent candidate to be a Community Agent.

        And yeah it's easy to not be perfect since I grew up with this game. So this game have seen all sides of me. I'm sure if you dig backed to me being 18, you would see me bashing on a company just trying to their best.

        That being said, mucho appreciate this message

      • Daisy
        Daisy commented
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        Thanks Aleeeeeeeeeeigatorrrrrrrrrr

      • Alei
        Alei commented
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        No problem guys, as always I am here with my brutal honest self. (A none sugar-coating kinda girl).