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Congratulations New Community Agents!

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  • Congratulations New Community Agents!




    We are happy to inform you that the aforementioned names are qualified to be the official Community Agents of Redbana Audition, to voice out the community's opinions, help improve the game, and maintain peace may it be in-game or in the forums. If your name is mentioned above, kindly send me a private message to start your orientation.

    As we aim for your optimum gaming experience, we present to you our Senior Community Agents, those who have served the community passionately and with utmost sincerity and efforts:


    Congratulations to our Audition Council 2017!
    Keep posted for updates and announcements!

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    Congratulations, guys~
    Great things are highly expected of you~


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      You're retarded? They're hackers.Jakup & Daisy. I will stop to playing this **** game. The Game Masters doesn't know anything about the game & hackers. It's so pathetic, goodbye.
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      • Alei
        Alei commented
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        Daisy is too noob to be a hacker.

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      im convinced these are the only people that applied
      4 bffeafepp


      • Minju
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        sadly not lol

      • Daisy
        Daisy commented
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        Omg? ^ wow

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      I just wanna say thank you to the Redbana staff for making the choice to pick me as one of the candidates for Community Agent. I will try my best to conduct myself professionally and use my skill sets best to benefit this server. I have practices with computer science given my diploma and work well in lots of data so I hope to have practice with that on benefiting this server when working towards my career in the near future.

      That said, I understand that I have a bad history with some players. I hope that it will not reflect some of the players perspective of me being community agent poorly. Therefore, I am more than happy to accept any PMs and resolve any unresolved conflicts you had of me. I would like to make my peace and keep my promise with the GM staff that I will fulfill my duty in the utmost professionalism. I hope some players are open to give me a second chance.

      Thank you
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      • Ratchet
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        hellqueen 2.0 LETS GO

      • 5ky
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        You're the one that deserve grats here.
        gz jenni

      • Ruby
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        Hell queen will be SHOOKEd when she sees this thread guarantee

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        I just can't tell in thousand words how much happy i am about the fact that you have chosen as community agent.

        I will try my best to make this server great. :3

        Kindly Regards

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        • SunnyDoll
          SunnyDoll commented
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          If u don't give ur best, I will come to ur house!!! I still have ur adress

          Be a good boy!!!!

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        These people will still undergo probation period for a whole month, before the final set of CAs will be granted the power of what the title holds. Nonetheless, we are all players of Redbana Audition so we should all do our best to help improve the game and the community, above anything else as long as the game is involved.

        Please be informed that the decision of the Game Masters are made with information gathered from different platforms and are carefully studied as basis.

        Good day y'all


        • lele5001
          lele5001 commented
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          Of course, every years Jakup has done bad stuffs in redbana audition.He has failed his main server: "Alaplaya Audition" . He was trying to do the same thing here. But the developers from the REDBANA is better.
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        Good job guys.. don't let the salty mf get you!

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          You got it, Jakup
          Congratulations guys!
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          • Jxkup
            Jxkup commented
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            Thank you so much! It means a lot for me.
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          Congrats guys
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            Jxkup be a good boy and don't kill us all !!! Thx



            • Jxkup
              Jxkup commented
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              I try my best :3

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            Congratulations and welcome to the council!


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              Congrats everyone else!!


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                Congratulations and welcome to the council! Let's bring in good vibes to the newest CA's and their efforts towards improving the game!

                As far as being a Senior CA, it's been a joy to always serve the community throughout the years and I'll still strive to do as such with the council!
                If ya'll have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


                • Jxkup
                  Jxkup commented
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                  Thank you so much! It means a lot for me.

                • Daisy
                  Daisy commented
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                  I love youuuuuuu .