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[August] Log-in Attendance Event

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  • [August] Log-in Attendance Event

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    Hello Auditioneers!

    Mark your calendars because we'll be having an Attendance Event this week!

    Do not forget to log-in our website and get your freebies for the day!

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    Nice event


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      Hello Auditioneers,

      Due to some technical issues, the login attendance event will be closed temporarily.

      We have found some bugs/glitch which some players are abusing.

      We are truly sorry for the sudden closing of the event.


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        I swear this happened a few months back last time LOLOL
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          Tianha I was the one who reported this bug to you guys. LMAO! Just add next time a time check and you will get never glitched like this.


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            Boi. Closed this and played us with that event for returning players. Cough up those items. Zzzzzz u_n
            rip this game


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              We better get that compensation! like home premium instant

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                I just wanted that name change and guitar.

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              Maybe event can be set up differently to avoid abuse. How about logging in on the site but get no gifts right away. We don't get the rewards until the event is over.....


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                And again you guys are punishing the players who didn't abuse the event.. while leaving those who did with anything they could ever ask for. :3

                Everyone who used this "exploit" got all the items from the event, while those who wanted to complete it the legit way have a few x3 Tickets and Msgr. with no chance of obtaining HP / Namechange.

                The same goes for that little 30000% Bonus Cash glitch a few weeks ago. There are still people who own stuff that was purchased with cash they got from the glitch.

                It feels like you guys are favoring those who're biting you in the butt..

                A Dedicated player who's slowly, but surely getting tired of this. :3
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