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  • Tournament Rules [SB Boy]

    Tournament Rules
    [Rules subject to change]

    1. Changing of Passwords is a must to prevent issues during the tournament.

    2.Registered Team Captain must confirm their participation on May 23 for the online tournament by sending Tianha an In-game Message.

    3. All Team members must be inside the room before the designated time. A grace period of 5 min would be given to the team to complete its members. Failure to do so after the 5 min grace period would mean team disqualification.

    4. Public Chatting is restricted ONLY during the match in order to prevent game distractions (If a participant violated this rule, there would be an automatic disqualification).

    5. Observers are not allowed to prevent distractions.

    6. A Rematch will be allowed if Early Disconnections happen (Less than 15 seconds of Song Duration).

    7. Only 2 Early Disconnections are allowed, if a player/team early disconnects for the third time, the Team will be disqualified.

    8. A Team will be disqualified if Late Disconnections will happen(Past 15 Seconds of the Song Duration) to prevent cheating/Intentional Disconnections.

    9. If a player within a Team is proven to be guilty of hacking and/or cheating, the Team will be disqualified.

    10. As much as possible, please save replays at the end of the match.

    If problems additional problems arise in the game, the GM's decision is final.
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    I sometimes dc from saving from my own replays, would be great if theres a fix?


    • Sero
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      Did you try reinstalling the game?

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    Originally posted by Pentacidal View Post
    I sometimes dc from saving from my own replays, would be great if theres a fix?
    it happen to me too, when someone saving my replay