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  • Gift Bana Cash Feature

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    Hello Auditioneers!

    The gifting of Bana cash is now available in our

    All you have to do is input the Redbana ID of your friend!

    Make sure to enter the correct details!


    1 - Log into our website ( and click on the Shop Tab
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    2 - Input the Redbana ID of the player whom you will send the Bana cash to
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    3 - Choose the amount of Bana cash which you will gift
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    4 - Click on the SEND button
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    1. Bana cash will be received within 24 hours after gifting. The Bana cash sent during the weekends will be arriving either on Sunday or Monday.
    2. The Bana cash gifting system is case sensitive. Please be sure to check the recipient's Redbana ID thoroughly before sending.
    3. Redbana will not be held responsible for disputes between the sender and the receiver.
    4. A 5% fee will be charged upon gifting the Bana cash.
    5. In case of refunds and chargebacks, the sender and receiver will be both held accountable for the Bana cash used.

    ADDITONALLY, in commemoration for this new added feature, we will have an item sale in the game!

    The following item category will have the discounts:

    Face, Top, Bottom, Shoe and Emoticon = 10%
    Hair, Pet, Interior, Accessory and Instrument = 20%
    Set = 30%
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    Hi Redbana community.

    Just a heads up when receiving Bana cash from strangers, if you do not know the sender that sent you Bana cash, take caution and don't spend it.
    Protect yourself and your account from fraudulent activity.

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      I can already see all the bans that are about to happen Lmao


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        how long will discount sale last?
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          Can anyone explain how they will charge the fee when we transfer our bana cash ? O_O
          How does the fee work exactly ?
          "4. A 5% fee will be charged upon gifting the Bana cash."
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          • AngexAmazing
            AngexAmazing commented
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            I'm guessing it will charge to your bank account or whatever you are using to pay.

          • Caterinaa
            Caterinaa commented
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            The fee will be duducted from your Bana cash balance on the gifter's account at the time the Bana cash is moved.

            Let's say you want to gift 1000 Bana cash to your friend through the new gifting feature on the website. You will need a total of 1050 Bana cash (1000 as gift + 50 fee) on your account to successfully gift 1k Bana cash to your friend.

          • EDDYPON
            EDDYPON commented
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            Oou thanks for the reply though ;P

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          Has anyone tried gifting to anyone with a user ID that begins with a - (dash)? I'm trying to gift it to someone whose user ID begins with a dash but the dash does not show up when I input it in. Does anyone know how I can gift it to someone with a user ID that starts with a dash?
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