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    Hello Auditioneers,

    We would like to inform the community that the CA system has been removed (since January 2017).

    For now, we are not sure when the system can be implemented again.

    The current CA's were informed beforehand about the situation and were advised of the possible options if the system is implemented again.

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    Thanks for doing the announcement so everyone knows , Tianha :P !
    Hope to see the CA council back again sometime soon when ya'll are ready to manage it again . A lot was pushed/added to the game this time around ! ~
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      Except Guitar Songs

    • Random
      Random commented
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      Yeah . Guitar songs (including the guitar songs you listed a while ago) are still there on top of the list we had . I'm hoping they'll add them eventually so you guys have more songs to play in that mode!

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    Word . Leebyn Random
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      This is good news


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        Thanks for the update, Tianha! We'll still try to help out where we are able to.

        Leebyn Greentlover
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          kek .
          getting fu---- by an egg..
          ..that's live.


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            r i p

            Does that mean you're gonna do your jobs now?
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