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Announcement on Hacking in Audition

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  • Announcement on Hacking in Audition

    Greetings Auditioneers!

    It has come to the attention of Redbana that certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to attempt to disrupt Audition. I would first like to apologize to the community for their actions and hope that we can find a way to remedy the situation. Since yesterday our Audition Team has begun a full fledged investigation in order to collect evidence and isolate the incidents. A number of player IP addresses and accounts were banned by the dev team yesterday and I regret to inform you that a lot more will follow. We will be issuing complaints to the ISP's as well as possibly filing Denial of Service charges against these people.

    I thank you all for your patience and thank the community for all the help they have given us in order to make Audition better for everyone.

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    Starting today all player accounts that are accused of hacking will be temporarily banned. The Audition Team and Council will then undergo a full investigation of these accounts which include review of evidence such as screenshots, replays, videos and game logs.

    Players that are proven to be hacking in Audition will incur an immediate Account Deletion.


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      I would just like to remind everyone that we have a zero tolerance policy for users who are found to be using 3rd party programs to gain an advantage during game play. This means you will be permanently banned after your first violation. Further more any exploit of bugs which deviate from intended design will also cause your account to be affected by sanctions.

      To all of our awesome players, please report any hackers or exploiters you may encounter during game play by submitting a screenshot to the support ticket system.

      Also we have been actively punishing users who access other user accounts without explicit permission. If your account has been accessed without your permission please also submit a ticket and we will ensure the offending party is punished. However please remember, we will not reimburse any item loss through account sharing. So safeguard your passwords and do not share your accounts with anyone.