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[April 2018] Super Fine @ 9: Anniversary Postcard Making Contest

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  • [April 2018] Super Fine @ 9: Anniversary Postcard Making Contest

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    It's Redbana's 9th Anniversary! Tell the world how you feel about us reaching 9 freaking years!!!


    - Players need to create a postcard or poster (drawing) showing how much they like/love/appreciate the game. Include your IGN in the post.
    - You can include a message you want to say to the GMs, to your friends, your fam, couple--basically anything to anybody that made your Redbana experience worthwhile!


    - 3 Entries will be chosen as winners.
    - Winners will receive the Redbana Hero or Redbana Heroine sets (Special Anniversary Sets) for 30 days.
    - Redbana Staff will judge the entries.
    - All participants will receive consolation prizes.

    Let everyone know what made your stay in Redbana super fine @ 9!!!!

    - Redbana staff will judge the entries. The decision of the staff will be final.
    - Any form of harassment to the Redbana Staff or to any other player is punishable.
    - Rewards will be sent by the end of the event.

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    Okay I have questions xD (as always lol)
    1. Does it have to be a drawing?
    2. Can we also use screenshots from the game?
    3. Can it be also digital drawing?
    4. If I make a real postcard, can I send it to redbana office (I am not even sure if there is one)
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    • HeadLights
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      oh wow sorry for the delayed reply. Well, any artwork made by you is acceptable!!! you may throw in your screenshots and it surely can be a digital drawing. Anything you wanna tell the staff and players actually! im not sure about how it should be sent to the redbana office so i guess not xD Posting it here would be enough

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    wow I can't draw can I use stick figures
    Allure & Volturi_____________________________________


    • HeadLights
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      yes, definitely. show me that drawing angel

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    Hi, my dear friend from GM, I am sending this message to say how much I love AU and I decided to make a drawing in Homage ❤️ I want to say that I am grateful for the excellent game and I really LOVE AU REDBANA, I'm Willian, I'm 24 years old, I live in Brazil, I'm sorry for some English mistakes, I do not know much 🙂, I've been playing AU since 2008 , since I was 14 I played AU Brazil, and I never stopped playing ❤️ just have to thank you for improving my life ❤ ️ My drawing below 👇👇 . My Nick Name in AU Redbana : ~xRobbin Lv.30 (Back Dancer) Bye Bye
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    • AngexAmazing
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      I really feel the emotion in the drawing great work

    • envisage
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      Nice drawings!

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    Ign: Annx

    I don't really know how to draw, so I drew the x-mas bear pet cuz i thought it was easier and a failed peach :/

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      Ok,let's try :

      On this Picture I draw My friends,who hold me playing Audition Till now,Thanks To Calibro22(Still same name)For beeing a Cute noob and make me everytime laugh of your noobness~Thanks to xAomine(idk his new IGN) For beeing my Couple for some moths and a lot of funny Rounds on Redbana.Thanks to Craniumz (Akitsu) For beeing the best couple for my sister and a cute friend :3.And A big THANKS to my Sister Matseki (Ahrisu) who was playing with me at the beginning till now,we had much of fun,drama and all the rest on Redbana.

      IGN: Aize

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        Dear Game Masters of American Audition Dance Battle Online (Headlights, Stoplights, Tianha) and Community Agents (esp. Alphard, Pervert, and Badass ;A; I am sorry I don't know all the CAs!) Thank you all so much for making my experience a relatively present one! The Game Masters and Community Agents of this community TRY extremely hard to make this game the best that it can be!! As someone who only joined about 3 years ago, I have learned to love AAU as a great game to meet new and wonderful people!!! Shout out to the following FAMs: Deamland (now Obnoxious), Haven, SAD (RIP), Oblivion, Hype, Amigos, Equinox, Slayer, and Snakes y'all are my past, my present, and my future in this dancing game. Thank you all for being friendly and enriching my ever-growing experience! SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO my fellow LOONA fans: Kaey, Pleuvoir, Lindy, Caweeb, Celeria, and Crying Y'ALL STAN QUEENS. AAU has become more than just a gaming platform for me; it has become a way to bond with people in ways that I never imagine would be possible!! I love y'all big time... I will continue to be a avid user of Redbana Audition! (Also, thank you to BaeMax, you are the best ring bud anyone could ever ask for :^)! ) [Please excuse my bad hand-drawn picture! Believe me, I spent 3 hrs trying to perfect it but I am just not talented :'^( ]

        IGN: Weki


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          This is so cute

        • baethello
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          Random Thank you!! I tried really hard! By no means am I an artist, but I really love this community.

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        Happy 9th Anniversary Redbana Audition ~
        -IGN: CherBear
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        • Random
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          So when did you change your forum pic lol been a while . Great entry and drawing , Cher !

        • baethello
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          Wao this is raw talent! Your drawings always bring me joy!

        • CherBear
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          SunnyDoll - Thank you!
          Random - I tend to change it...every month if I remember haha. Thank you too!
          baethello - Awh! Totally made me smile there. Thank you ~

          Well definitely @ all thank you a lot - I do appreciate the comments

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        IGN: Keo

        Thank you

        Thank you to the GMs, the community, my FAM, my friends. Thank you to each person I have met over these past 9years. Each and every small part of these past years, the good and the bad, led me to a certain individual. That special person would be Dre, my couple of seven years and counting.
        I coupled her and ever since then I've been the happiest Auditioner in the world.

        Here's to
        9years of Redbana! •♬¸¸·¯·¸¸♩·¯·♬¸¸

        Originally posted by HellQueen View Post


        Hi Hayley, I just wanted to make this post to say how much of a beautiful person you are. I've only known you for a month and I already feel like you'll be my best friend, I'm sorry that we had some falling outs but I hope that will not stop us on our road to friendship because believe me when I say you are wonderful.

        You make me feel happy when I am sad, and you're already always there for me even though we've only got to know each other in such little time, you don't criticize me and you back me up with my problems which is really hard to find in some people. You are honest and kind but when you need to you can stand up and fight, and I really admire that in you.

        We were enemies for awhile and I really regret it and wish I would have gotten to know you better sooner, I would have been saved from a lot of head-ache's because you are quite literally the most perfect girl I've ever met. Don't change and don't be upset when people say otherwise because they are liars. You are perfect!

        And I usually can't cheese like this for anyone but I find it so easy to write about it for you because you have made me feel so many things in only this short time... So anyways before I start getting too personal happy one month and to many many more.

        PS. Purple and Pink 4 lyfe.

        You're my Princess Yak
        Click image for larger version

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          omg that is beautiful

        • Keo2
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          Thank you!

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        • SunnyDoll
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          歡迎! 我的名字是孙。我的中文不好 T___T

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