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[June 2017] Sweetest Day with Dad

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    IGN: Explain~

    Lets make it short and simple, my pop and I went to mission peak on father's day to hike. There was one part that was super steep and my pop and I were both struggling to walk up. He was out of breath, and as for me.. my legs were super DEAD. We pushed each other to finish the trial and in the end we made it to the top!! At the top he told me "I do not want to hike again, this is tiring and i'm dying (not literally but in a joking manner)". This is the sweetest day because my pop would do anything for me, he's my motivator in life and he really is humorous.


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      It says until June 30th on the banner but 29th in the post... So here's hoping you meant the 30th

      IGN: Euphie

      Here's my stepmom, me in the middle, and my dad at my dad's wedding in 2014. I've known my stepmom since I was 4 and she's a wonderful woman so it was such a blessing to be her maiden of honor. She is so great to my dad, and he deserves it. He saved me from my abusive mother in 2007, fought for me in court and gained full custody. I have pictures of me and my dad together from that time period but this one from the wedding is so much more special to me because it shows my entire family happy together. I'm turning 22 this year and am still very much a daddy's girl. He's always advocated for me, been my pillar of strength, someone I know I can trust and depend on. He's always let me make my own mistakes, but been there to catch me in the aftermath. Taught me how to drive manual (which I've heard is the most frustrating thing to teach a daughter!) when I just had to have that flashy new sports car. Bailed me out when I was in over my head with student loan debt. Supported my fish tank hobby even though he couldn't care less about it. I love my dad so much and am proud to show him off.
      just super.