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[June 2017] Sweetest Day with Dad

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  • [June 2017] Sweetest Day with Dad

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    1. The event thread will be open on the June 1st up to June 29th.
    2. Players will submit their sweetest pictures with their dads by posting it in the event thread, also indicated is the message why the picture is special for them.
    3. The Top 3 sweetest entries will get 15,000BC each
    4. Players can put a sticker or hide their own face upon taking their picture with their father. (but would prefer not to hide their face at all )
    5. Include your IGN in the entry.

    Redbana Staff will be judging the event entries.

    Also, a consolation prize (500BC) will be given to the participants who would not win.

    One entry per forum and in-game account.
    Edited images are not allowed.
    Any disputes from the player will forfeit his/her prize.

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    Congratulations to the following winners:

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      Does this post count as the event thread?


      • Katea
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        Wait, so can I post reply my picture with my dad here?

      • Peppy
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        That's also my question. Haha

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      My dad might not be the best Dad in the world however these are the only pictures of me and him together. He raised me well and took care of me all the time, sadly, we got separated when I was little for personal reasons where I started to live abroad. Though, my dad is far away from me and haven't seen him in a long time. I know from the bottom of my heart that the good memories are still here with me but I know to myself that you're always here by my side. I don't really talk about my story with my dad in social media nor public but it feels better to let the burden inside me and overcome it with a good future where I can show him that he raised a good daughter. These pictures are the most important thing for me because even though my dad is not here, I know that you are here for me no matter what and I'm thankful because of the risks and tough life that you have gon' thru because of me. However, I will make sure in the future when I see you again, I promise to take care of you like you did to me when I was little.

      GN: Katea
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        (I'm on the far left. Dad at the back)

        We don't have many pictures together of us recently. But, I would like my dad to know I love him very much with all my heart. Late 2015, my dad got really sick and was in the hospital, I thought we were going to lose him, and he pulled through. He's the strongest man I've ever met, and I always look for these qualities in my life too. Although we don't spend a lot of time together as he lives far away, he always makes me laugh in our phone calls and I know he'd be there for me if I needed him.

        Thank you for all you have done for me dad, and thank you for pulling through because I think my heart would break without you here.

        IGN: Xanthos
        Aleigator 71 Oblivion; If I can't move Heaven, I'll raise hell.


        • Alei
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          (I think I was 3 in that photo)
          My brother is next to me aged 8
          and my sister aged 13?

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        Back to Daddy's arms

        1, 5, 7, 14, 20 years old.
        2months max, 2weeks minimum.
        From IDD Calls to chat, from chat to video calls, from video calls to here.. hugging my dad tightly!

        The above mentioned numbers were my age when I was with my dad back in Ph and the duration I stayed with him. Our only communication sometimes doesnt work. But even though we were miles apart, he never once held back expressing his love for me.

        Growing up without a Dad around is a rough life. When most of my friends had their daddy's attending to their memorable moments, there I was either holding a picture of him or reading an advanced message greeting from him. No tough guy to point a gun to any boy who tried to hit on me. No protector. No leader.

        He lacked physical presence and had been limited, but he never stopped reaching out to me and being a father to me. So this photo is the mooooost special thing for me; after long years of waiting and longing, we are finally together!

        No more video calls. No more photoshops. No more visa expiration. No more dramatic separations when we send him off to the airport.

        Just here, seizing the moments. Taking back the years that could have been our father-daughter moments.

        My dad is amazing. He is, and will always be.
        I am glad to be Back to Daddy's arms.

        IGN: Chibs
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          I believe I was 6 in this photo. I'm in the pink.
          I loved my father dearly. Still do. This is the best photo I have of him and me and my sister, Cause this was a cherished memory. Not because it was special really; Because it was the last major thing we did with him before he passed away. We were at the grand Canyon. I don't remember much about him, but I have the little memories that will stick and thats ok

          IGN: Sinfully
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            IGN: Lyni

            Woaw. I believe I was 7 or 6 in this photo...
            Only 6/7 years ago

            He helped me through hell when something horrible happened.
            He even checks on me now to see if i'm okay But currently he's downstairs helping my mum through her medical problems and sitting back watching tv. He's amazing and I don't tell him that enough

            Thanks Dad ~
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              Link to my Image in case the attachment still doesn't work :

              IGN: Nariko

              ''Like father, like daughter,'' what can I say, don't we look alike? But all jokes aside, this photo reminds me of how much I take after my father (looks-wise and most definitely humor-wise) and that he- to me is one-of-a-kind...
              Yeah, we're a couple of goofs.

              My father.
              Where, and how to begin? I don't think there's enough time in the world, or enough words known to man to describe my father, so I will try my best to do him justice.
              My father is the number one man in my life, not because he had helped give me life, but because of his role in my life.

              He's loved me and looked after me since the beginning, he was not only my first friend but also my best friend. Whether it was playing ball in the house (him throwing the ball up to me from the ground floor, in the living room while I was on the balcony of the first floor), or whether he and I would play dodge the store signs when he would carry me on his shoulders, he was always up for some fun. He was even more mischievous than me.

              I love him so much and appreciate everything he's ever done for me (although sometimes he gets on my nerves- because he always wants me to eat or drink something and doesn't register no as an answer! I know he means well, but I'm not trying to fatten up for winter all year round!...Don't get me wrong I love food and I love my dad but I'm not trying to plumpen up so he can start calling me chunky once more)...

              He cooks, he cleans, he goes to work, and asks for nothing in return.
              He thinks he's Rocky (whenever he exercises), a pet Chef (because he's always showing off the dinner he cooks for our family dog), and Bruce Lee (whenever a martial arts movie is playing on t.v), he's so much more than all that, but his most important trait could be best described as being a hero, my hero.
              My one and only dad, a dedicated father and husband.

              You know how they say once you put something on the internet, it can never be taken back? -I don't mind if this declaration of love and gratitude for my father gets lost in 'cyber-web' for all time, it's the one thing I'm willing to leave behind...
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                This picture was the day I have ever seen my dad super happy in his life ever since the post-divorce with my mom. My parents divorced since I was 5 years old. Ever since then my dad was alone and on top of that he would try to take care of me since my mom left me as well. Both of my sisters has left the house and has their own house, but they still visit our dad once in a while. I told him not to overwork and not be harsh on himself, but he still does 2 jobs as stubborn he may be just to make sure he has enough money for himself, the house, and me for my future. I barely talk to him until weekends since I work during nights to actually have a conversation with him or see how he is doing.

                To be honest, I felt sad for my dad for not having a second chance finding another person to love, another partner, but he always told me, he does not need another woman in his life when he has three daughters to look after. He always supports me and my sisters regardless and is always there for us. He did not have to help me at all when I was growing up or feeding me because I can take care of myself, but he still does it anyways. Ever since then I have been living with my dad to take care of him as he took care of me (Plus I do not want to leave my dad living alone). I always help him if he goes to party and drink I'll be there to drive him home. If he needs help carrying stuff out of the car I would be there. Anytime, anywhere I will be there for my dad.

                Back to the picture, this was the day of my oldest sister's wedding in 2014 and in this day is full of smiles and happiness. Three years later in 2017 he became a grandfather (my oldest sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Olivia) and he has always been smiling ever since. Yes, the picture was my dad SMILING, that is how he smiles and not quite often you see him full of joy. Some other times he would be tired or quiet or not even talking to anyone including me who lives with him. Hence why I try to keep talking to my dad to tell him, I do care, I do love him, I do want to talk to him when I have a chance to.

                Love is what family means to him. Nothing can break that apart from his heart. He is always there for me and my sisters & we're there for him. Every time I leave the house I always tell him when I leave and he would always me say to me "Be Safe, Drive Safe" because you will never know what will happened once I am out of that door or if I ever get back home safely. Back then I would always shrug it off my shoulders like ''Whatever, I know I drive safe", but growing older it makes sense why he keeps saying it. I might not have my dad my whole life as we grow older and older by the minute. Anytime, anywhere it can happen and I need to know I have fulfill my life, & his life full of joy and happiness. Now I understand why he always said to me because he never knows if I come home ever to the house and he might never see me again. I love my dad with all my heart, and whenever I see him and have time I always hug him and say I love him until I cannot say it again to him. I love my daddy and I would never trade him anything for the world.
                Thanks for the support he has put in to help me continuously to have a happy life

                IGN: Jilly
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                  I dont have a dad but the person who I look up to and is my farther figure is my grandad.
                  He has been there all my life and I dont know what I would do without him, he's who I go to if im in trouble or need some help.
                  This photo is us at his 80th Birthday. He truly dosn't act his age, just before we went out for this meal for his birthday he was up a ladder sorting out the tiles on the roof whilst I held the ladder! I begged him to let me go up the ladder but I got the whole "do what your told" even though i'm 25 with a son of my own!
                  Anyway yeah Don't know if this counts but to me he is my dad.
                  IGN: Prey
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                    Okay so first off - my dad would kill me if he knew I was writing sappy things about him but I feel it'd be g to let it all out. Sorry pops!

                    He was always my rock. My go-to after a bad day at work or if my friends and I had a fight or even if my friends weren't feeling so swell about themselves. He always gave me and all of my friends huge pep talks - once he actually lectured my 6 fingered friend on how to be confident enough not to hide his flaws but to own it. He debated politics, human rights and whatnot with me (he was against basically everything but keep in mind he was as old as the dinosaurs and still accepted people as long as they were nice to him). He introduced me to new things and told me that no matter what, no matter how long, I'd find my path in life and I would own it. I love him more than words could ever describe and I know he loved me almost as much.

                    He made me a promise that while I was away on vacation he'd be perfectly fine but he broke it. So instead of entering this to win some BC or w/e I'd just like to say if your parents are around, you're so lucky. Remember to cherish every single moment you have with them because you never know if it'll be the last. Take tons of photos with them or of them because all I have are some silly things from when I was too young to remember and remind them that you love them. It's something you could never say too often for it to feel less important.

                    Thank you for all the memories dad, good and bad. I love you to the moon and back and that will never change. If I could have anything in the world it'd be to have you here for the final State of Origin match and a beer.

                    IGN: Meerkat
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                      IGN: NoAss
                      This photo was taken in 2014. It is one of the most sweetest picture we ever took because we UNINTENTIONALLY matched for a friend's wedding night.

                      When I walked out from my room, my father looked at me in full shock expression. We both looked at each other from head to toe and laughed non stopped for quite a long period of time. No words were necessary for us to understand and laugh. It was the most special day for the both of us because we don't usually laugh together that often, he goes to work all day and I go to school and study all night. In short, every moment spent with my dad is special however, the laughter shared with one another should always be kept. This photo may look like any regular and simple smile picture, yet there are many underlying buried.

                      Cred: Addition~


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                      IGN : ~Samantha

                      Growing up, I wasn't really ever around my parents. I was always at my aunt's house or school. When I was with my dad, it was usually quiet or time spent by getting yelled at for bad grades and my chores not being done. I kind of resented my dad for the way I was treated and how he made me feel about myself. As time progressed, me and my dad got closer but my aunt was still the center of my life, until she passed away on my birthday unfortunately. I felt alone and isolated; what little progress we made vanished and I put up a bubble around everyone. In the time span of 6 years after that, my older brother's had proposed and we were headed on a BIG family trip for the weddings. He spent all his time with me, did whatever he could to make me smile.

                      These 2 pictures ( 2016 ) mean the world to me, because even though that crazy blonde girl ( me ) looks horrible in this picture, my dad was the center of my attention. He brightened up my sad days, and made me laugh like an idiot 99% of the time. He was the first man I ever learned to love even though, I was hardly around him. And the second picture, is the reason for my laughter. His modern day stupidity. He will forever be my knight in shining armor. I am truly blessed to have you in my life, I love you dad. Thank you for never giving up on the girl, who hardly had a smile.
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                        IGN: Strategy

                        This picture was taken during my 8th grade prom during a father daughter dance. This picture is important to me because it's the first time that I ever danced with my dad. I had no idea how to dance, but this was the night that he taught me how to. I admire my dad very much. He's always teaching me something new everyday. I also appreciate all that he's done for me. Since I was little, he always treated like his little princess. I remember him secretly bringing me home a new doll every week, even though my mom didn't approve of it because we weren't doing well financially. My dad worked long hours that sometimes I wouldn't see him at all. In his mind, it was worth it. All he wanted was to make me happy and give me a life he never had and he has. For everything you've done and much more, thank you and I love you.

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                        In case the picture is too small:
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