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What is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

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  • What is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

    Well, I haven't played audi in a LONG time LOL. I updated my graphics card drivers (ATi Mobility 4250) and I ended getting this program. =\ I was all like "What? Where's my CCC?!" So, I panicked and accidentally uninstalled all of my ATi components. Yes, it was a major problem and after 1 hour of trials and errors, I finally "fixed" my computer.
    Now that I have my old driver, it's now even more outdated than the version I had before. So now that I'm updating once again, should I opt out of installing AMD Vision Engine Control Center? What's the difference between Catalyst Control Center and Vision Engine Control Center?

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    It's a program that controls the VISION Engine that is now seen in the AMD drivers.
    It's safe, and I recommend that you DO install it. (Even AMD recommends it.)

    Read up more on the VISION Engine here.

    Download of Catalyst Control Center ... I hope that's right. AMD's site is rather... confusing, and since I no longer use one of their graphics card, I may be wrong about this.
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