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When i try to exit the game i freeze.

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  • When i try to exit the game i freeze.

    Maybe it's my computer...or it's the game...idk.
    But whenever i exit audition the "normal" way by like
    clicking leave lobby, and the exit button on the channel
    choice thing, my game freezes up and i can't even like
    alt-tab or cntrl-alt-delete my way outta the screen.
    i can hear windows popping up. and if i have itunes
    it's still running. but audition stops responding and my
    comp freezes up and i have to end up like turning it off
    and back on o__o but if i alt-tab instead of exiting the
    normal way it's all good in da hood. IDK WHATS WRONG.

    every game i play seems to be hating me lately ;\

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    The exact same thing happens to me lol. o__o

    I use Ctrl+alt+del and use my task thingy to close audi. :x
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      audition frequently freezes up on me when i exit; think it might be a vista prob, not sure, lol. i DO use ctrl + alt + del and end process to the game itself. occassionally, if i alt + tab or alt + f4 or ctrl + q to exit the game, my desktop is still active but the tool bar at the bottom of my screen (where the start menu is) freezes up on me, but the start button still works. so i just log off and sign back into the same user to restart. (explorer freezing is the problem.)

      if it continues happening to you where you HAVE to or MUST force reboot your comp, then chances are you're going to have to stop playing audition and wait until the issue is patched, or continue to play audition and continue to have to force reboot. but force rebooting entirely just messes up your comp, and i don't think you'd want to replace your whole hard drive, or your computer. from force rebooting, your comp will just end up crashing and freezing up more in the future. and although restoring your whole computer to a 100% clean state will temporarily solve the problem, the issue will arise within two months or shorter.

      but then again that's just been my experience w/ computers, lol.
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        I would just alt - Tab. Alt f4 seems to freeze my desktop.

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          They added an Exit button in the game for a reason.


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