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It won't let me use my reward tokens??

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  • It won't let me use my reward tokens??

    It says I have 22 reward tokens, however, when I try to use them, it won't let me.

    I click the "redeem now!" button, and a pop up asks me if I'm sure. I click yes. A circle spinny thing appears above the item I'm trying to buy (I'm assuming this means it's loading) but then it disappears and my tokens do not go down nor do I possess the item when I log into Audition.

    I am so frustrated and confused.... How does this get fixed?

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    You pm(private message) a gm or post this thread in the redbana support section.
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      Can you link me to the right thread?

      Also, I don't know how to PM a GM. I'm not familiar with these threads very well... nor the GMs.


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        Post your problem here
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          I'm not getting any replies there, nor do I see any other threads. I think that forum is abandoned. However, I did go ahead and make a thread.

          But if anyone could help me, in whichever thread you wish to post in, please do.


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            I posted back at your thread. Feel free to check that out, alright?

            Warm regards, <3

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