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Bad quality with windows 10

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  • Bad quality with windows 10

    I got myself a new PC with Windows 10. I installed today Audition and when I opened the game I got a SHOCK!!!
    The quality of the game is sooooooo bad that I can't even discribe it with words.

    I asked already my couple for help and I have put the same settings for graphics as he have it. We both have Nvidia graphics card GTX.
    However, the problems are still there.
    Also my fps fell down from 180fps to 140fps (playing alone in a room).

    Here is also an example of what I mean in pictures:
    screenshot of his game

    screenshot of my game

    pay Attention to the legs… his one has smooth lines and looks very good. And mine looks like pixle art x__x

    Please help me how to fix this Problem. I hope it's possible to fix it

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    CA Myu gave me this link for tweaking the quality of the game it might help


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      Thanks a lot!!! Woooow it works