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  • Hello optimization ?

    I used to get 200 fps in a solo room and 175 full room on a gtx 770 with an i5 4590 os win 7. I just got a new pc and now I can't even get higher than 130 fps with a gtx 1060 and i5 too. I'm on win 10. Can I fix this ***

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    i have i7 1060 and i have same fps like you so... gg


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      i7 6700k GTX 1070 get 100-144fps. The optimization here just isn't so great
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        Don't you play in windowed mode on a 144hz display?

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      that's actually good/normal

      i7 6700 gtx 1060 and i get 140-160 on average

      i always refer to this thread when i want to change my nvidia settings: http://forums.redbana.com/forum/audi...s-2015-edition


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        Yeah, I think in most cases Audition framerate is lower in Windows 10 than Windows 7. If you install Win7 on your new computer you'd definitely get 200 fps again.

        130 seems kinda low though. Maybe check your Power Options and try setting it to High Performance? Or you can manually set min processor to 100%. It's just because Audition isn't demanding enough to load the CPU so it might not run at 100% due to Intel Speedstep/C-states, etc. I would think you can at least get 160 with a modern i5 and 1060.

        I tested some framerates over a year ago, if anyone's curious. I'll copy them here
        tl;dr With the same hardware, framerates are highest in Windows 7, and about 10-15% lower in Windows 10. Windows 8 is even lower than that.

        And similar information, from someone with a newer gen processor than the ones I had.

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