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  • Audi Closing

    Game keeps closing without error.

    I recently changed from steam client and reinstalled to the normal patcher to fix latency issues.

    And now, I can't even get on the game?

    It lets me on and within 2mins I've been disconnected and it's the same issue every time.
    This is absolutely ridiculous for a ten year old game, please help me fix this issue as I'm sick to death of every time a new patch hits or I need to install on a new PC (for whatever reason) I ALWAYS have problems.
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    Can you post your task manager? Maybe one of your processes is triggering the hidden xtrap that is closing Audition.

    Also, a list of your processes aside from the software that is active would be helpful to diagnose your problem.
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      yoo that audi title holy *** i thought it was happening for real. got out of my chair im like.. NO WAY.. darn.

      do u do a fresh / clean install tho? i always uninstall with revo uninstaller to get rid of the all extra files and stuff then reinstall afterwards. you probably a file that's really really out of date cause i use to get that [edit]
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