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  • Key lag

    8GB RAM
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8 cores 3.4GHz

    My space bar and arrow key inputs lags in normal and beat rush, happens on avg around once a game. Also randomly during the game, it will seem that my frames drops from like 120 to 30 yet it will still show 120 fps, and it is much harder to perfect.

    Not as important but if I alt tab then I drop from 120 to 60 or 15 fps and it will stay that way until I restart audi.

    Only thing I did rn was turn off .NET Framework 4.7 off since I saw that thread but didn't do anything o.o

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    will probably get fixed by buying an ssd and putting audi on it.

    AMD CPUís have some input lag problems that the staff ignore, Iíve sent tickets, I input lag on normal individual and Club Dance II.
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