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    So I'm trying to download Audition on my Windows 10 laptop but everytime I finish the 179 patches i have to do, the patcher freezes right when the blue bars are full and remains like that. When I close it and reopen to see if it worked, it starts the patch all over again. Please help!!

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    Have no clue if this will work but it seemed to work on my laptops I redl'd Audition with. I tick the Auto-start box then when it finishes, it'll just be as you described. Except it works in my case..

    I don't even make sense.

    daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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      ^ Checking auto-start does help!

      You can also try to restart your computer or try to launch the game through Xpatcher to see if that helps.

      I haven't checked recently on the exact number the patches condense to, but if you download the most recent setup file you'll probably have less patches to download when you launch! (assuming you're using an older setup file @_@)


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        just dl xpatcher if it doesn't work, try dl c++ 2005 and 2008, if that doesn't work, try to launch the patcher with admin rights, if that doesn't work right click on your patcher and go into your compatibility settings, try to open it as windows 7.

        If the above doesn't work install windows 7, windows 10 sucks and dx12 is garbage pce.


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          This is a common problem with the patcher.exe. It'll hide all of the text if it exceeds over 40 or so patches. Happens on Win7 8 and also 10. When the download is finished it'll show all the loading bars and text into white and mask it. Like you'll see the bars and stuff but it'll get masked over and over again. It's like if it's unstable. Happens all the time when I reinstall my audition with a super outdated install file. XPatcher does resolve it since it's not using the original patcher.exe.

          What I usually do is just wait a bit extra depending on your hard drive speed. I probably waited like 10-20s with an ssd then shortly after close it with task manager.

          But since you said the both bars got completely filled before you closed it. You could edit the registry version of audi and open it like that. But no guarantee that you actually completed it.


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            HEhe Yes! I figured it out! I just used the Direct Download instead of the torrent. hehe Thanks for the help everyone <3