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Still Getting Steam DC's

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  • Still Getting Steam DC's

    For around two months, the game lets me log in. I stay logged in for less than two minutes and then it just closes without error.

    I use steam version and have tried repatching several times, when will a fix be released for this issue affecting steam players?
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    I think my friend has this issue too.


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      Nothing here for me.


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        I don't have any Steam errors currently. :O

        Are your other games working fine without disconnection?

        You could try these too
        Relog into Steam :
        Left Click Audition >Properties > Local Files> Verify Integrity of Game Files .
        Steam > Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache
        Steam > Settings > Downloads > Right Click Steam Library Folder > Repair Library Folder

        Could also try to do a wipe with malware bytes , super anti spyware or your current antivirus.


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          The verify integrity of game files, was a temporary fix for me around two weeks ago, but it's still dcing. However, I will try the other one's.

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        I ended up doing an Avast Cleanup Maintenance scan for errors and it suddenly started working again. It stopped disconnecting after every 2 minutes. Before that, everytime I did the verify integrity, it just kept giving me 6 errors found and it still ended up crashing.
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