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unbearable space lag

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  • unbearable space lag

    i got a new laptop and the game play should be fine but i'm literally space lagging every other move help (on both full screen and windowed)

    ASUS GL702VM windows 10, nvidia gtx 1060

    i also changed the graphics settings on audi to the recommended performance settings (source:

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    Unbearable ssd go buy it....

    Always use ssd if you want (absolute zero) space lag

    no don't use ramdisk

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      Yeah you probably got the 1TB HDD 7200RPM one. As said, an SSD should solve most the issue and loading times as well in many other things. Though I have a 2TB 7200RPM and never had to face these issues nor had to tweak anything.

      My Computer specs:

      Also make sure your Graphics Card Drivers is up to date as well via GeForce Experience.For your NVidia Graphics Card: GTX 1060.

      Also this was a fix for several games for me, Turn off Windows 10 Game Mode.
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        Since it's a new Windows 10 computer, does it show something like "Windows+G" or "Windows Game Bar" when you open the game? If so, it's part of the default XBOX app that can record gameplay, but sometimes affects game performance. Try disabling "GameDVR". You'll have to sign into the app to access the settings to turn it off.

        Also, you can probably use the high quality options in that NVIDIA settings thread without any performance hit. The GTX 1060 is more powerful than my GPU lol.

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